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Proofreader or copyeditor?

Proofreader or copyeditor? What is the difference between the two roles? In many instances people will seek out proofreaders, while expecting copyediting skills. Often, people are not aware of the differences between the two disciplines. Some even assume they are the same thing. However, they are not the same. Read my summary to find out the differences.

Why you need a proofreader (even when using an AI)

A proofreader can identify and correct spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, punctuation issues, and inconsistencies that might have been overlooked by the author or by an AI.

Benefits of proofreading

There are many advantages and benefits of proofreading, including improving the readability, accuracy and impact of your business documents and publications. It also adds value, provides peace of mind, protects the business brand, and saves money and time.


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Editorial services (summary)

Proofreading and editorial services include proofreading on screen, checking to house style, light editing, proof-editing, condensing/rewriting, and paraphrasing.

Proofreading for the education sector

Stephen York offers proofreading services for universities, academics and students in a variety of media and subjects, especially helpful when your first language is not English. Students and academics can benefit from a proofreading discount.

Student proofreading

Student proofreading: helping students with quality assurance for your assignments, dissertations, theses, essays and personal documents, and sorting about spelling, punctuation, and grammar issues. Students can benefit from a 25% discount off proofreading fees.

Proofreading for businesses & clubs etc.

Digital proofreading services on screen plus style advice offered to businesses, organizations, agencies, charities, clubs, and societies with proofreading applications. Help is also provided for job applicants in producing CVs, associated documents, and social media profiles and posts.

Proofreading for publishers, academics and writers

Stephen York offers on-screen proofreading services plus style advice to book and journal publishers, academics, authors and writers in a wide range of subjects, with specialisms including business, economics, education, finance, history, marketing, real estate and social studies. Assistance with condensing also offered.

Students’ proofreading checklist

Details of a dedicated proofreading service for students – dissertations, theses and essays and summary checklist for submission for proofreading. Don’t forget your 25% discount!

Discounts & special offers

25% discount for all students' documents | 2-page CV and covering letter proofread for a discounted price of £25.00, or with your LinkedIn profile as well for £30.00.


Details Of Subjects Covered, Recent & Past Projects & Resources

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Proofreading subject areas

Stephen York has wide experience in proofreading in a great variety of subject areas, but especially economics, finance, business, management, education, property management and real estate. Astronomy and space exploration are also special interest areas.

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Recent proofreading projects

Stephen York’s recent proofreading projects include education modules, academic and professional books, and several journals, plus various essays, dissertations, and theses for students. You too could join the ranks of satisfied clients.

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Portfolio: Academic and professional

Portfolio of past proofreading projects in academic and professional subjects, including accounting, finance, banking, investment, business, management, economics, environment, health, history, law, marketing, philosophy, politics, real estate, social and cultural studies, theology and religion.

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Portfolio: Education

Portfolio of past proofreading projects in education, from primary, through secondary and tertiary, to professional and vocational education.

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Portfolio: Trade publishing

Stephen York’s trade publishing portfolio includes a variety of subjects: classic cars, crafts, DIY, fishing, sailing, travel and exploration.

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Editorial and proofreading sources: helping you to compile and present reports and CVs; help with punctuation and grammar, producing a style sheet for your writing, with links to design and photo resources, author membership and indexing bodies.


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I can handle your proofreading requirements, whether they are books, business reports and documents, academic journal articles, or students’ documents such as essays, dissertations and theses. Rest assured your documents and publications will be handled with care, consideration, and confidentiality by a professional proofreader with over 30 years’ experience in publishing.

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