Professional proofreading services from Stephen York, a freelance proofreader highly experienced in a wide variety of subject areas with specialties of business, economics, finance, education, real estate and social studies.
There are benefits and advantages to proofreading: to eliminate spelling, punctuation and grammar errors, and stylistic and factual inconsistencies.

Professional quality proofreading services from Stephen York Editorial Services, Leicester

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If you are looking for professional proofreading services from a highly experienced editorial freelance then look no further. I offer quality proofreading and will help to seek out the last remaining errors and inconsistencies in your documents and publications.

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The importance of proofreading

Why is proofreading important in business? Well, you only get one chance to impress a new client or subscriber and it is so easy to alienate an existing one with an inaccurate or confusing document. Besides the traditional books, journals, or reports, it is essential that commercial documents, press releases, social media posts, and blogs receive close checking.

Coverage – what, where, and who?

What? Rather than reading paper copy, I offer an on-screen and online proofreading services (to include proofreading, proof-editing, paraphrasing, and rewriting), which is more environmentally  friendly as it saves on ink, paper, postage, and other resources. I proofread a wide variety of media in numerous subjects areas, some of which are specialty subjects. 

If you are unsure about the proofreading process then find out here: how are proofreading corrections are marked up.

Where? I can work from my office in Leicestershire , UK for anyone, anywhere, on electronic files sent by email or FTP sites.

Who? I can help anyone who works with printed and published text, and welcome enquiries for proof correction from various client types.  Please click on one of the following links for the type of service that you require:

Businesses, organizations, agencies, and charities

Educational institutions and students

Publishers and authors

Be safe, hire a professional proofreader

If you have drafted the document you will often read what you expect to see when checking it back rather than seeing the errors that are there. As famous US author Harper Lee said:

“People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for.”

In other words the author of a document or publication will read what they expect to read rather than what is actually there.

How I can help:

  • eliminate the spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors, as well as improve your writing
  • advise on clichéd writing and inconsistencies of style, spelling capitalization etc.
  • recommend better and more efficient ways for you to express yourself and communicate your message.

Benefits and advantages of proofreading

There are further advantages and benefits of proofreading. These include making the document the best it can be, which can also make you a better writer.



I regularly publish entertaining and informative blog articles on the English language, from a proofreader’s point of view. Recent subjects have included tips for writers, acidic quotations from authors on other authors, the working environment, achieving the work–life balance, and much more. Why not pay a visit?