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Academic, business & educational proofreading & light editing


Editorial services (summary)

Proofreading and editorial services for publishers, businesses, organizations, charities, clubs, societies, students and authors include proofreading on screen, checking to…

Proofreading for businesses

Digital proofreading services on screen offered to businesses, organizations, agencies, charities, clubs, and societies with proofreading applications and tips for…

Proofreading for the education sector

Stephen York offers proofreading services for universities, academics and students in a variety of media and subjects, especially helpful when…

Student proofreading

Student proofreading: helping you with quality assurance for your assignments, dissertations, theses, essays and personal documents

Students’ proofreading checklist

Details of a dedicated proofreading service for students - dissertations, theses and essays and summary checklist for submission for proofreading

Help is at hand to give your documents a professional polish



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Proofreading clients include an educational institution, book and journal publishers, and a commercial organization's marketing department who have provided testimonials…

A model of clarity and thoroughness / Adaptable...excellent at communication / Always fast, efficient and professional / The highest level…

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