Benefits of proofreading

What are the benefits of proofreading?

Why proofread when you can use a spellchecker? Well, spellcheckers can be useful in a limited way but should not be relied upon in place of an experienced professional proofreader who can provide these additional benefits and advantages of proofreading:

  • provide objectivity and a fresh pair of eyes as the author of a document or publication will often read what they expect to see
  • check on word usage and identify or amend words or phrases that your spellchecker would not spot, such as using ‘that’ instead of ‘than’, or ‘to’ instead of ‘too’
  • check spelling and correct misspelled words or identify words used in the wrong context, e.g. ‘their’, ‘there’ or ‘they’re’
  • check punctuation, grammar, and capitalization style
  • avoid repetition of words, phrases, or ideas
  • check the clarity and consistency of your message and that it is suitable for the intended readership
  • smooth out differences in style where there are multiple authors or contributors to a document or publication
  • provide peace of mind and assurance that your document is the best that you can make it and will be understood by the reader
  • help protect your business or brand from damage caused by documents containing errors or confused wording
  • add value to your business in ensuring you produce correct, concise, clear, and consistent written communications.
Sarah could not believe the marketing report with such embarrassing errors still present had been circulated
Sarah could not believe the marketing report, with several embarrassing errors still present, had been circulated

“I would recommend him without reservation to anyone seeking the highest level of proofreading skills.” (Testimonial from educational publishing client)

Do not gamble with the reputation and future of your business – invest in quality proofreading from Stephen York Editorial Services. The cost of proofreading could work out less than you think, but the cost of not proofreading could be substantially more!


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