Points to watch for when revising text

It is always good practice to revise and if necessary completely rewrite text in documents to ensure that they are accurate, concise, and the best they can be. Straightforward you might think and you might say “What could possibly go wrong?” Quite a lot actually. But in the process of review there are some hidden traps an author can fall into when using Find and Replace, or inserting or deleting text that can affect pagination.

Pen names and other authorship devices

A pen name, also known as a nom de plume, is an assumed name used by a writer instead of their own real name. It can also be a variant form of their real name and might be known only to the publisher or might be widely known.

Tips for writers: Using italics

Roman (that is upright type) is the standard text typeface, but for various reasons italic type (that is slanted to the right) is adopted. This is often to indicate some form of departure from normal text for the reader to interpret the word or words in a certain way.

The dangers of failing to proofread

Put yourself in your readers’ shoes: how would you feel if you had received a document or publication from someone that contained numerous errors and inconsistencies? Even worse if you had paid good money for it. You would might possibly feel insulted that they could not be bothered to ensure their output was readable and free of errors.

Tips on how to avoid some pitfalls in writing

They say there is a book in each one of us waiting to be written. If that is true it is probably easier for some people than others to turn that into a published book. The first decision to take is about what to write. Tip 1: Write about what you know Not everyone can … Continue reading Tips on how to avoid some pitfalls in writing

The importance of humour in writing

Next to a plot or central purpose, humour is possibly the next most important ingredient of writing. Perhaps humour would not be welcomed in a textbook on physics or a philosophical discourse, but certainly for fiction, travel books, memoirs, and the like it can be a valuable way of injecting some character and light relief. There are several reasons for this.

Authors’ quotations on writing: What do writers think of their craft?

I have discussed previously authors’ quotations about each other – sometimes derogatory – but how do they and others regard the craft of writing? Here are a few of the more humorous ones. “The covers of this book are too far apart.” (Ambrose Bierce) “That’s not writing, it’s typing.” (Truman Capote on Jack Kerouac) “Coleridge … Continue reading Authors’ quotations on writing: What do writers think of their craft?

Preparing for proofreading

Following on from the benefits of proofreading there are several steps an author can take before submitting a document for proofreading to make the task faster and cheaper

The benefits of proofreading

The benefits of proofreading with three scenarios as reasons for proofreading

Proofreading for students – are there any ethical issues?

There are limits to what a proofreader may do for a student according to university regulations