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Tips for small businesses to cut greenhouse gas emissions

As a freelance proofreader I operate from a home office and already I have reduced my carbon footprint as regards travel to work as I do not use a car or public transport. I merely have to walk to work, which takes a few seconds. Further savings in greenhouse gas emissions can be achieved in […]

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How to achieve the work–life balance as a freelance

We hear a lot in the media about the health benefits of achieving a good work–life balance, but it is harder to achieve when your home is also your workplace. How do you avoid the stress of not being able to switch off and differentiate work-time from home-time? The following are some strategies that can […]

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How to promote your freelance business

You have set up your business – in my case as a freelance proofreader – and need to attract new clients. Maybe you need to attract new clients to an established business that has suffered a drop in trade recently. It is no use just sitting around waiting and expecting the telephone and e-mail enquiries […]