What proofreaders do not routinely do

In an earlier blog I discussed what proofreaders would normally do as part of their duties. There I touched on aspects of writing and publication that proofreaders would not normally be involved in: copy-editing, copyright and permissions, indexing, literary appraisal, page design and layout, and rewriting. Many professional proofreaders have the skills to perform some … Continue reading What proofreaders do not routinely do

Why proofreading should be part of your marketing strategy

You might think that proofreading is an outdated process that belongs to an era before digital content and communications, when everything was printed and proofs were intensely inspected by eagle-eyed proofreaders wielding red pens. That would be a wrong assumption as proofreading is needed now as much as ever before, perhaps even more so with … Continue reading Why proofreading should be part of your marketing strategy

Preparing for proofreading

Following on from the benefits of proofreading there are several steps an author can take before submitting a document for proofreading to make the task faster and cheaper

Seven money-saving proofreading tips

Why do these tips save money? Well I am not advocating that you forget about using a professional proofreader and do it all yourself, for the obvious reason of self-interest. But if you bear these tips in mind before engaging a proofreader, you will lessen the number of corrections required, the time taken to proofread … Continue reading Seven money-saving proofreading tips