How to achieve the work–life balance as a freelance

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We hear a lot in the media about the health benefits of achieving a good work–life balance, but it is harder to achieve when your home is also your workplace. How do you avoid the stress of not being able to switch off and differentiate work-time from home-time? The following are some strategies that can be adopted that I have learned from many years’ experience of working as a freelance proofreader from a home office.

Planting a healthier office

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I am not talking here of a Jack and The Beanstalk type of scenario where you plant magic beans and in a short time have a brand-new, modern, and healthy office, although the concept is appealing. No, I am talking about using plants to purify the air of the working environment whether it be a commercial office, a home office like my own, or indeed the home. They all suffer from the same risk of airborne pollutants.