Stephen York Editorial

       Leicestershire, UK1195445181899094722molumen_phone_icon.svg.thumb     Tel: 07543 932048 or

0116 2100181





Please feel free to contact me by email or telephone to informally discuss any queries or concerns that you may have, or by using the form below.

If contacting me for an estimate of the cost for a proposed proofreading or other editorial service, project please advise me of:

  • Type of project: whether it is a book, journal, academic paper, report, marketing material, or other media
  • Type of service that you require: proofreading, proof-editing, rewriting, or paraphrasing
  • Extent: an approximate word count and number of pages anticipated
  • Timescale: when the project would be available to me and the date you require its return.

This saves me having to ask you.

Contact form

Please note that your privacy will always be respected and your email address would never be stored or passed on to a third party without your express permission.

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