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If you are interested in NASA’s latest space news, try the following link:

Latest NASA News Releases | NASA

Webcam: Get a live view of Earth from the International Space Station, or if you are lucky sight of a cargo ship docking with the ISS, with a background sound of restful music.

Earth Live HD Cam (

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Get some astronomical news from an earthbound perspective:

Astronomy news – BBC Sky at Night Magazine

Top stories – Society for Popular Astronomy (

Astronomy Magazine – Interactive Star Charts, Planets, Meteors, Comets, Telescopes

Editorial and proofreading resources:

Writing reports

If you are preparing a report I give some useful advice in compiling and designing reports in my blog Tips for writers: Writing reports. The following are links to them.

Writing CVs

If you need advice on how to compile a CV try the following links:

Punctuation and grammar

Try the University of Oxford Style Guide for information on punctuation, grammar, and general style, a must-see for writers. There is also useful information in the BBC News Style Guide.

Style sheet

Authors often find it useful to complete a style and spelling sheet for decisions made as they write in order to maintain consistency. It can also be sent to their copyeditor or proofreader when sending them their work in order to save time. Please see a sample copy for academic titles below for viewing or downloading. It can be adapted and expanded to suit your specific needs. Please also see my blog on house style with a link below.

Alliance of Independent Authors

Their website says:

“The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) is the premier membership association for self-publishing authors. A non-profit, ALLi provides trusted advice and education, supportive guidance, and a wide range of benefits and resources, within a friendly and accessible community of successful indie authors and advisors.”

The Society of Indexers

“The Society of Indexers promotes indexing, the quality of indexes and the profession of indexing.  Founded in 1957, it is the only autonomous professional body for indexers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and membership is open to any person who is or intends to be directly involved in indexing.”

(There is a Directory on their website to enable you to locate suitable indexers for your writing should it require one.)


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Some of the following resources are free to use and download from the design program:


It can be used for designing logos, presentations, letters, social media, and for many other applications.


A free-to-use collection of photos for your documents, websites, and computer wallpapers is available at:

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Abbreviations, contractions, and acronyms

Analogies, metaphors, and similes

Apostrophes – the decline of

Collective and mass nouns


Double negatives

English usage and writing myths

Getting the best from your proofreader

House style

Humour in writing

Hyphens and dashes



Plurals of nouns – some exceptional cases

Revising text – watchpoints

Sexist and biased language (1) and (2)

Spelling – ise or ize?

Student proofreading – essays

Tips on how not to write a novel – Fay Weldon on some of the major pitfalls

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