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Editorial and proofreading rates

Rates will depend on the following factors:

  • the quality of writing and number of errors corrected
  • the density of text on the page
  • the word count
  • use of technical language
  • bibliography, references, and endnotes/footnotes to be checked to the main text
  • cross-references to be checked
  • whether the document has already been copyedited
  • the service you require – i.e. proofreading, light editing, condensing and rewriting.

I therefore offer flexible and highly competitive proofreading fees determined by the expected complexity after inspecting your document and agreed with you before I start work. The cost estimate I will give you is individually tailored to your requirements. If I was to take a one-size-fits-all approach, you may be paying for services that you did not need or missing out on checks that you did need.

Students: Please see illustrative fees after discount given on the Student proofreading page.

I do not necessarily follow the CIEP’s suggested minimum rates as I can often charge a little less being outside London and the south-east area, but their minimum rates page does make the following comment:

“The rates assume freelance professionals running their own business and therefore include a factor to allow for costs that an employee does not have to pay but are paid for by their employer, such as holidays and sickness absence, National Insurance, pension provision, continuing professional development (CPD), office space and utility bills, software and subscriptions, and business equipment and supplies. The freelance hourly rates are therefore not directly comparable with hourly employee rates.”

Quotations and estimates

I am happy to provide free, no-obligation estimates of the cost of proofreading on receipt of a sample from the document. It would be so much better to have sight of the completed document so that I can provide a more accurate assessment of cost.

No VAT is payable on my fees.

Pricing for proofreading services is flexible to match your proofreading budget.
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Students and academics

I all offer all students a discount of 25% off my commercial rates. Any figures I quote you will be net of this discount.


Get your two-page CV and covering letter proofread for a discounted price of £25.00, or with your LinkedIn profile as well for £30.00.

Commercial and publishing work

If you have several small items that need proofreading over an extended period it may be possible to issue itemized / combined invoices covering these on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.

Invoices to business and publisher clients are payable within 30 days of invoice date with invoices issued on the day of completion of work.


In the case of registered charities, discounts on my editorial rates can be offered.

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Private work

Fixed fees for projects can sometimes be arranged. Please see the page for Terms and Conditions (clauses 6 to 14) for details of payment of instalments and timings.

All clients

For a no-obligation estimate of cost please email me with details of your project.

A minimum charge of £25.00 is payable on each project.

See the Payment page for details of how you can pay me.