Editorial resources

What follows are some editorial resources for those who want to become and editor or proofreader as an employee or freelance, fancy themselves as a writer, or require editorial assistance in the of style of writing, or indexing.

Some of my own tips for writing reports or emails can be found on the Services for businesses page. There are also many of tips contained in my blog posts, such as use of italics, hyphens, dashes, -ise/-ize spellings, use of spellcheckers, developing house styles, and much more..

Editorial jobs

Looking for an editorial job? Try


Becoming a proofreader or editor

Fancy becoming a freelance proofreader or editor? Not as easy as you think, but it is possible.


Want to become a writer?

Want to become a writer?
Want to become a writer?

Try The Writers Bureau for information on becoming a writer.


Need an indexer?

Visit the Society of Indexers for further information.


Editorial resources: Grammar and style

Try Cambridge University grammar guide: