Proofreading for the educational sector and students

I offer on-screen proofreading services for the educational sector and students (UK and international) for:

  • academic papers
  • course notes
  • distance learning modules
  • essays
  • dissertations
  • theses
  • proposals
  • applications
  • assignments
  • CVs / résumés
  • personal statements and other documents.

Proofreading service for the educational sector and students: experience

I have several years’ experience in proofreading for the educational sector:

  • Cengage Learning: books, textbooks, and management education and career development books
  • City & Guilds Institute, London: vocational learning modules
  • Edinburgh Business School: course notes
  • National Children’s Bureau: books, reports, and teacher resources
  • Oxford University Press: academic books
  • Pearson Education: academic books, textbooks, and management education and career development books
  • UCL Press (incorporating the Institute for Educations Press): books, reports, and journals on education and cultural studies
  • University of Leicester School of Business (formerly School of Management): online distance learning modules / course material
  • proofreading essays for Chinese students studying in the UK.

“I’ve engaged Stephen as a proofreader on a multitude of projects over the years. He has worked on higher education and further education textbooks as well as online resources for me, and has always delivered on time to a very high standard. He pays meticulous attention to detail and raises valid author and editorial queries where necessary. …”

(Testimonial from educational publishing client)

The media I have handled relate to all stages of education and learning, from primary school right through to further education, vocational training, and management career development.

Proofreading service for students: how I can help

For international students studying in the UK where English is a second language, expressing yourself in written words (such as in essays or other assignments) can be daunting. You may have difficulty in various language areas, such as:

  • knowing which tense to use
  • when and where to use ‘the’ or ‘a / an’ before a noun
  • being unsure of the correct word order
  • confusion over singular and plural forms, and problems with verb and subject agreement
  • using sentences that are basically lists, rather than using linking words such as because, however, and since to join sentences together
  • repeating arguments or points that have already been made. 

I can assist students in proofreading your written work to advise on the above troublesome areas and to give your work a better flow and readability.

Here’s what one international student at Durham University had to say:

“I really appreciate your work, and it has really helped. I will have 4 more works need  proofreading next month, if it is possible, may I ask you for long term cooperation?”

Proofreading service for students: extent

I am always happy to help students with their dissertations, essays, personal statements, proposals, and theses, especially if English is their second language (ESL), such as international students studying in the UK. I have recent and regular experience in proofreading essays and personal documents in English for Chinese students studying in the UK, and welcome enquiries from all Asian students. The extent of any proofreading I carry out will often be determined by your university’s proofreading guidance and rules.

Please ensure you are aware of your university’s proofreading rules that you have your supervisor’s permission to use a professional proofreader – some universities do not allow this or have very strict rules. If you are in doubt, it would be helpful if you provided me with a link to your university’s rules or guidance for proofreading so that I know what I am allowed to do. An example can be viewed at:

However, if your educational institution has no such restrictions or lesser ones, please advise as the help I can offer will be more extensive.

Students: Please see dedicated subpage Students’ proofreading checklist for further details of the service offered to you, timing, and payment arrangements.