Editorial services (summary)

What editorial services are provided?

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Proofreading is the close, detailed checking of documents or publications to rectify incorrect spelling, punctuation, grammar, and consistency errors, already covered on the Benefits of proofreading page.

If you are unsure of the difference between proofreading and copyediting, see the page Proofreader or copyeditor on this site. I do not handle copyediting.

Please note that I only handle proofreading and editorial services on screen, not on paper. This is more environmentally friendly.

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Proof-editing (proofreading with light editing)

Sometimes your budget will not allow you to have documents copyedited and proofread. I offer a hybrid solution where I carry out a light edit while proofreading – improving readability, clarity, and flow. This will cost a little more and take longer, but it may be the way for you.

This service is more suited to documents than books, especially those that are fiction or academic. It is not a substitute for full copyediting and does not include rewriting. This is sometimes referred to as proof-editing.

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Rewriting to condense

You may want to condense your document just to reduce the word count (rewriting to reduce word count, by cutting out the waffle or padding to keep it lean in sticking with the main ideas).

There could be duplication to eliminate where texts have been combined.

All editorial services are subject to Terms and Conditions of Business.

What will I proofread?

The following are a few examples of documents I will proofread:

  • advertising literature
  • books
  • brochures
  • CVs, letters, and applications
  • handbooks
  • distance learning materials
  • journals
  • magazines
  • reports
  • students’ assignments, dissertations, essays, and theses.

What can you expect from proofreading?

Not perfection, but as close as is humanly possible perhaps.

Please note that proof correction does not include:

  • copyediting (please see the page Proofreader or copyeditor? for the distinction between them)
  • copyright permissions
  • indexing
  • literary appraisal or criticism
  • page design and layout
  • rewriting and development editing.

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