Proofreading for publishers, academics and writers

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Proofreading services for publishers

Proofreading services are offered to publishers for books, journals, and reports on screen in a wide variety of subjects.

What’s covered?

  • against edited copy or blind/cold
  • checking proofs to house style
  • checking hyperlinks
  • raising queries directly with the authors
  • collating authors’ replies and corrections into master first proofs
  • checking proofreading revised proofs.

(Some of the above are optional.)

Proofreading for publishers, authors, academics, and other writers.
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I have proofread for many publishers over the years, including Blackwell Publishing, Oxford University Press, Pearson Education, Routledge / Taylor and Francis, Sage Publications, The Stationery Office, and University College London Press.

Paper proofs are not routinely handled due to change in demand towards digital proofreading, although exceptions may be made for publishers who will arrange to deliver and collect the proofs by courier services.

Payment by publishers

Full payment should be made within 30 days of the date of my invoice by transfer direct to my bank account.

Proofreading services for academics . . . and authors, bloggers, and other writers too

You might be:

  • a self-publishing author
  • an author who already has a publisher who requires you to check your own proofs or arrange for someone to do so
  • an academic or writer about to submit a paper or article to a journal or magazine (academics: please visit Proofreading for the education sector page)
  • a contributor to a multi-author book
  • a writer of a blog or column.
Proofreading for all authors and writers.
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What’s covered?

Proofreading of books, journals, reports, articles, and papers on screen in a wide variety of subjects:

  • proofs read word by word manually
  • checking to publisher’s house style or to author’s own
  • raising queries and making suggestions on rephrasing to avoid inconsistency, repetition, or ambiguity.

For larger jobs, if I am not supplied with a stylesheet I will compile a concise stylesheet from my observations as I proofread your book / document. The list will include such topics as:

  • capitalization of commonly used words or phrases
  • unique or variant spellings
  • use of italics
  • presentation of numbers: amounts, measurements, and dates
  • abbreviations
  • hyphenations.

A separate, enduring general style guide can also be commissioned from me for future documents and publications to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Payment by academics, authors, bloggers, and other writers

At terms to be agreed but a deposit will usually be payable in advance for new clients. Payments accepted by credit or debit card.