Proofreading for the education sector

Proofreading for the education sector

I offer on-screen proofreading services for the education sector (academics, students, schools, colleges, and universities) for:

  • academic papers
  • articles
  • books
  • course notes
  • distance learning modules
  • journals.
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The method of working, timing of payment, and discounted proofreading rates that apply to students also apply to academics.


For mature students or students in full-time education at university or college, please visit the Student proofreading page.

Educational institutions

Proofreading service for the education sector: experience

I have several years’ experience in proofreading for the educational sector:

  • Cengage Learning: books, textbooks, and management education and career development books
  • City & Guilds Institute, London: vocational learning modules: electrical installation, health and social care, maths, office administration, social media, and IT among others
  • Edinburgh Business School: course notes
  • National Children’s Bureau: books, reports, and teacher resources
  • Oxford University Press: academic books on accounting, history, philosophy, religion and theology, and social studies
  • Pearson Education: academic books, textbooks, and management education and career development books on a wide variety of subjects: accounting, economics, finance, geography, history, HR and training, and religion, among others
  • UCL Press (incorporating the Institute of Education Press): books, reports, and journals on education and cultural studies
  • University of Leicester School of Business (formerly School of Management): online distance learning modules / course material on management

“I’ve engaged Stephen as a proofreader on a multitude of projects over the years. He has worked on higher education and further education textbooks as well as online resources for me, and has always delivered on time to a very high standard. He pays meticulous attention to detail and raises valid author and editorial queries where necessary. …”

(Testimonial from education publishing client)

The media I have handled relate to all stages of education and learning, from primary school right through to further education, vocational training, and management career development. I also have very substantial experience of working in many academic subjects.


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