Proofreading FAQs

 questionmark-308636_1280   What services do you provide?

I have long experience in proofreading a variety of media in a wide range of subjects and in collating authors’ queries and corrections. This involves a certain amount of light editing (not copy-editing) to ensure consistency of style and layout, amending spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, and offering advice on awkward wording.

questionmark-308636_1280   Why are your proofreading rates not shown on your website?

No two jobs are the same so rates will vary between clients and jobs depending on their nature and complexity. To give precise rates on my website without knowing the context and type of work that I would be doing could be misleading and inaccurate. Rates are negotiable and can be agreed on an hourly, page rate, or fixed fee basis. Please email me with details of your project for a no-obligation estimate.

questionmark-308636_1280   What if I have lots of small items that need proofreading over an extended period? How do I pay?

Depending on your requirements and circumstances we can arrange that I invoice for a batch of documents that I proofread over, say, a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.

questionmark-308636_1280   What sort of clients will you work with?

I have many years’ experience in working with book and journal publishers, especially in academic titles, and professional and vocational education. I also work with company marketing and publication departments, educational institutions, charities, non-governmental organizations, and independent authors. I also sometimes handle proofreading for students, subject to my availability.

 questionmark-308636_1280   Do you work for clients outside the UK?

Yes, providing I am able to invoice and receive payment in pounds sterling. All transactions will be governed by the law of England and Wales. Some clients based outside the UK will be required to settle my invoice before release of the completed document.

I have a Transferwise account set up to facilitate payment of my invoices at favourable exchange rates at around 2 days’ notice.

questionmark-308636_1280   I need help with writing my book, can you assist?

No, I am afraid not. You will probably need a copy-editor or even a development editor. You will be able to obtain some advice from the website of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders. If you need help in providing an index you should be able to find a suitable candidate through the Society of Indexers.

questionmark-308636_1280   I know that I may not be totally familiar with current language conventions such as spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, and the use of italics. What reference works do you use? 

I use several recognized style books and dictionaries that are widely used by editors and proofreaders. The main ones are set out in the sub-page Reference works.

Proofreading FAQs

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by email.