Proofreading FAQs

I answer some hypothetical questions in this proofreading FAQs section. If you have any of you own proofreading FAQs please do not hesitate to email.

What services do you provide?

I have long experience in proofreading a variety of media in a wide range of subjects and in collating authors’ queries and corrections. I offer:

  • proofreading (to ensure consistency of style and layout, amending spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors)
  • proof-editing (proofreading with light editing involved)
  • paraphrasing (to reword the expression of ideas but not the ideas themselves)
  • rewriting (perhaps to reduce word count).

What is the difference between proofreading and copyediting?

Please see the page Proofreader or copyeditor? for the distinction between the two disciplines. I do not handle copyediting.

Why are your proofreading rates not shown on your website?

No two jobs are the same so rates will vary between clients and jobs depending on their nature and complexity. To give precise rates on my website without knowing the context and type of work that I would be doing could be misleading and inaccurate. However, I do give an indication for the discounted cost for proofreading for students and some samples of fees recently charged to students and commercial companies.

Please email me with details of your project so I can give you a no-obligation estimate tailored to your requirements.

What if I have lots of small items that need proofreading over an extended period? How do I pay?

Depending on your requirements and circumstances we can arrange that I invoice for a batch of documents that I proofread over, say, a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.

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Can you proofread my essay / dissertation / thesis?

Yes, I regularly proofread for students, including international students studying at UK universities. Please visit the Student proofreading page for more details. A discount of 25% is offered to students.

What other clients will you work with?

I have many years’ experience in working with book and journal publishers, especially in academic titles, and professional and vocational education. I also work with company marketing and publication departments, educational institutions, charities, clubs, societies, and non-governmental organizations. I will also work with private individuals such as authors and bloggers.

Which file formats will you accept for proofreading?

I regularly work with Word and PDF files. I can also work with PowerPoint presentations. I do not handle proofreading of paper copy, only digital files delivered electronically.

How will proofreading corrections and queries be marked up?

On MS Word documents I use the Track Changes tool and on PDFs I will use the Adobe Acrobat tools of delete, insert, and comment. With MS PowerPoint I will convert the slides to a PDF and use the Adobe Acrobat mark-up tools.

Can I be assured that my work will be handled confidentially?

Yes, you can be certain of total confidentiality with your documents; no one else has access to my computer or files, and your document content will not be disclosed to anyone. My files are protected by regularly updated antivirus and malware software.

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How quickly can my proofreading be turned around?

That very much depends on the size of the file, the quality of writing, the number of corrections I have to make, and how much work I have booked in from other clients. Many regular clients with sizeable projects usually book me in advance to ensure a prompt turnaround of their work, so the more notice that you can give me the easier it is for me to meet your schedules for large jobs.

How can I prepare my document to ensure it receives a speedy and trouble-free proofread?

There are steps you can take to make my job easier, quicker, and cheaper for you. Several of these are set out in my blog Preparing for proofreading.

I need help with writing my book, can you assist?

No, I am afraid not. You will probably need a copyeditor or even a development editor. You will be able to obtain some advice from the website of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading.

If you need help in providing an index you should be able to find a suitable candidate through the Society of Indexers.

If you have any proofreading FAQs please do not hesitate to contact me by email.