Language consulting

In addition to my usual proofreading services that check for accuracy of text and to eliminate errors, I offer language consulting services to improve the readability and appearance of new or existing documents. These include:

  • checking your existing in-house documents, templates, manuals, and style guides to review their clarity and readability, and make suggestions for improvement
  • advising on creating or updating a house style for documents
  • adopting the use of plain English and avoiding jargon and ‘legalese
  • checking text that has been translated from another language to ensure that it does not sound too stiff and captures idioms currently used in the English language
  • condensing text
  • paraphrasing
  • rewriting text to avoid:
    • overlong sentences
    • too many short sentences that interrupt the flow
    • word repetition
  • formatting of text, tables, and headings to improve visual appearance
  • creating SmartArt graphics in Word to enhance the text.


This is a premium service charged at an hourly rate and is not to be confused with copy-editing or copy-writing.