Proofreading for businesses, organizations, agencies, charities, clubs, and societies

Services offered to businesses, organizations, agencies, charities, clubs, and societies

Digital proofreading on screen:

  • often blind or cold (that is, without edited author copy)
  • checking to house style writing style or providing advice on updating or establishing a house style
  • checking for consistency of tone
  • harmonizing style and formatting of documents that have been compiled from contributions from several personnel or sources
  • further editorial services: rewriting and condensing.

Suggested proofreading applications

The following are just a few proofreading applications:

  • advertising
  • annual accounts and reports
  • articles of association and memorandums
  • bids, proposals, and tenders
  • brochures
  • business documents and forms
  • corporate literature
  • external and internal communications
  • magazines
  • manuals for procedures
  • mission statements
  • newsletters
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • reports
  • rules and regulations for clubs and societies
  • website material.

If you are preparing a report I give some useful advice in compiling and designing reports in my blog Tips for writers: Writing reports


Because of the speed and urgency of emails it is easy to make mistakes that are not spotted before pressing the send button. If it is an email for a mass-marketing campaign much reputational damage can be caused. Try using preformed templates that have been proofread and only amend or add material to them when necessary and after a further proofread.

How proof corrections are marked up

For details of how the proofreading is marked up please see the page How are the proofreading corrections marked up?


Full payment should be made

  • within 30 days of the date of my invoice for established / repeat clients
  • before release of document for new clients.
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