Proofreading for authors, writers, and academics

Services offered to authors, writers, and academics

On-screen proofreading and light editing are offered to authors, writers, and academics to eliminate errors of spelling, punctuation, grammar, and capitalization.

If you wish for something extra than proofreading but less than copy-editing, as part of my proofreading-plus service I will also comment on awkward and ambiguous wording, offering solutions where possible, but not to the extent of copy-editing or rewriting.

A recent development has been the installation of a specialist computer program, Intelligent Editing PerfectIt, that will search your document for inconsistencies before I start a manual line-by-line proofread in Microsoft Word. If you have to follow a particular house style for spelling, hyphenation, capitalization etc., this can be incorporated into the program for greater accuracy and consistency.



Perhaps you are about to submit a paper or journal article and would like it proofread to eliminate the errors mentioned above or to ensure that your paper is consistent with house style? A great source of inconsistency could be the reference citations in the text compared with those listed in the bibliography or references section. A proofread from someone with a fresh view can add a different perspective.

Independent or self-publishing authors and writers

If you are self-publishing, i.e. independently of a publisher, or are required by your publisher to have the proofs proofread at your expense, you will want to ensure that all errors are eliminated and that inconsistencies of style and fact are dealt with.

However, I recommend that before proofreading, copy-editing is first undertaken by an experienced copy-editor. Alternatively, or in addition, the book should be sent to some test readers (rather like beta testing in computer software) to iron out any problems with characterization, plot, and timeline, with corrections to these added to the manuscript before proofreading. Proofreading should be considered the final stage before printing.

You can obtain advice about self-publishing at the following links:

Corrections mark-up

I would prefer to receive the copy material to be proofread in MS Word format. Initially it will be run through a computer program that flags up inconsistencies of spelling, hyphenation, and capitalization, before I carry out a manual proofread line by line to mark up corrections and raise queries using the Track Changes tool.

For details of how the proofreading is marked up please see the page How are the proofreading corrections marked up? If you think you will benefit from a second proofread at a discounted rate at a later stage to ensure all previous corrections or queries have been incorporated, or if you have added new material, design, or formatting since my first proofread, check out the Revisions check page for details.



When my estimate of cost has been accepted by you and the full and complete document has been submitted to me I will start work as soon as I have received a deposit of 50 per cent of the anticipated total cost, paid direct to my bank account by bank transfer (BACS) (or such other additional automated method as shall be made available by me for the use of clients – such as Stripe or Transferwise).

  • New authors / academic clients: the balance will need to be paid before the completed document is returned to you.
  • Regular authors / academic clients: will have 14 days from completion of proofreading and issue of invoice to pay the 50 per cent balance.

All proofreading carried out will be subject to my Terms and Conditions of Business, except for the revised payment terms outlined above that apply to non-business clients.


Please see my Terms and Conditions of Business for charges payable in these circumstances.

Your email instruction to me to commence work will be taken as evidence that you have accepted my terms of working for you as set out above.

Testimonials from authors

Can I say a big thank you for the work you have done with my book; excellent and professional. I do hope you will be able to continue to work with me on future projects.

(DK, self-publishing author)

On behalf of our team I would like to express our thanks to you for your professionalism, timeliness, expertise and good humour in dealing with our idiosyncrasies. It is truly a pleasure to work with someone who is competent and professional.

(M. Mendenhall, US lead author of textbook)