Proofreading for businesses, organizations, agencies, and charities

Services offered to businesses, organizations, agencies, and charities

Proofreading on screen:

  • often blind or cold (that is, without edited author copy)
  • light editing as required
  • checking to house style or providing advice on updating or establishing a house style
  • checking for consistency of tone
  • harmonizing style and formatting of documents that have been compiled from contributions from several personnel or sources.

Many different media are handled, including advertising, brochures, external and internal communications, PowerPoint presentations, reports, and much more.

“We have used Stephen York Editorial Services for proofreading since 2010, and have always found that he offers a prompt and accurate service. He is adaptable, and over the years has had no trouble in adjusting his method to various workflow changes.  … I highly recommend his proofreading service.” (Testimonial from vocational journal publishing client)

The marketing literature has returned from the printers - is it not quite as you expected?
The marketing literature has returned from the printers – is it not quite as you expected?

For details of how the proofreading is marked up please see the page How are the proofreading corrections marked up?  A recent development has been the installation of a specialist computer program, Intelligent Editing PerfectIt, that will search your document for inconsistencies before I start a manual proofread in Microsoft Word. If you have your own house style for spelling, hyphenation, capitalization etc., this can be incorporated into the program for greater accuracy and consistency.

If you think you will benefit from a second proofread at a discounted rate at a later stage to ensure all previous corrections or queries have been incorporated, or if you have added new material, design, or formatting since my first proofread, check out the Revisions check page for details.

For charities I will offer a special rate (significantly lower than the minimum commercial rate), depending on the extent of work required. Please enquire for bespoke pricing.



Full payment should be made within 30 days of the date of my invoice by transfer direct to my bank account.