Proofreading for students

Student proofreading services at discounted rates

I offer online proofreading services for students of essays, theses, and dissertations  at discounted rates starting from £6.50 per 1000 words for 2018, subject to a minimum charge of £20.00. No VAT is payable.


“Stephen worked as a proof reader for us on a major College of Social Science project involving the production of four high level research training modules for doctoral students studying at a distance. His meticulous attention to detail, care and conscientious approach was absolutely invaluable . . . I would recommend him without reservation to anyone seeking the highest level of proofreading skills.”

(Professor Jo Brewis, Director of Postgraduate Research, College of Social Science, now Associate Dean – Learning and Teaching, University of Leicester)

Extent of service

Proofreading services for students
Proofreading services for students include essays, dissertations, and theses


Proofreading of essays, theses, and dissertations for students is subject to certain limits imposed by universities and colleges. This service usually includes:

• checking for correct and consistent spelling: UK and US English handled
• checking punctuation, grammar, and consistency of capitalization
• raising queries on sentences that do not make sense (if they cannot be eliminated by minor changes to punctuation or wording by me)
• checking text references to citations in the References/Bibliography but not their accuracy and validity
• undertaking basic formatting such as deleting double spaces between sentences but not major formatting such as heading styles and levels, nor to improve visual appearance.

If, because of special needs such as dyslexia, you are permitted to engage a proofreader who can take a more extensive role in proofreading your documents, please let me know what level of intervention is allowed.


The service does not include:

• checking equations or calculations
• checking for factual errors
• rewriting to improve style or reduce number of words
• checking for plagiarism – it is your legal responsibility to avoid using someone’s writing and passing it off as your own
• checking that the content of your document meets your educational institution’s guidelines.

You should in any case check with your supervisor that you have permission to engage the services of a professional proofreader.

“Presentation, style, grammar and spelling are important aspects of the ability to communicate ideas with clarity . . . Poorly written essays are less likely to meet the criteria laid down for a particular class then [sic] well-written ones.”

(University of Warwick, Department of History)


Please allow plenty of time when sending documents for proofreading. A thorough, high-quality job requires sufficient time. For instance, 80,000 words cannot be properly proofread in a couple of days and is likely to require a week or more.


Please note that a firm booking for my proofreading services is not made until you have handed over the document to me and paid the deposit. It is important to keep me informed of your progress towards completion of the writing to enable my time to be allocated.

I will start work when I have received payment of 50 per cent of the anticipated cost. The balance of my fees due should be paid direct to my bank account by such automated method of payment as shall be made available by me for the use of clients before the proofread document is returned to you.


If you cancel the proofread after I have accepted the document and have started work, then providing less than 50 per cent of the proofread has been completed no further money will need to be paid to me beyond the deposit. If the job is over halfway completed, I reserve the right to invoice for the remaining 50 per cent of the agreed fee for the whole project.