Proofreading for publishers

Services offered to publishers

Proofreading of books, journals, and reports on screen in a wide variety of subjects:

  • against edited copy or blind/cold
  • checking to house style
  • raising queries directly with the authors
  • collating authors’ replies and corrections into master first proofs
  • checking revises.


“When it comes to proofreading – the last line of defence for catching errors – publishers want a safe pair of hands, and Stephen York’s are the safest of all. …” 

(Testimonial from educational publishing client)

A CV can be viewed, printed, or downloaded from my Profile page.

Paper proofs are not routinely handled due to change in demand towards digital proofreading, although exceptions may be made for publishers who will arrange to deliver and collect the proofs by courier services.

For details of how the proofreading is marked up please see the How are the proofreading corrections marked up? page.



Full payment should be made within 30 days of the date of my invoice by transfer direct to my bank account.