Revisions check service

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A second proofreading – just to be sure

This is an add-on proofreading service offered with a discount of up to 25 per cent  on the rate previously charged for my first proofread*. If I have already proofread your document or publication, either in Word or PDF format, I will offer an additional proofread at a later stage at this discounted rate. A second proofread might be required because:

  • at the first proofread I made numerous corrections and raised queries and you will want to ensure that you have implemented all the corrections and answered the queries correctly
  • you may have rewritten some material in response to my queries or suggestions, or added new material (perhaps because of new research having been published since writing your document)
  • you want to be sure that no further errors have crept in, for example after you have added design or formatting to your document since the first proofread.

(* The second proofread must occur within six months of the first proofread and should show your revisions since first proofs using the Track Changes tool in Microsoft Word.)