Proofreading subject areas

I have wide experience in proofreading in a great variety of subjects (subject area specialties highlighted in bold with some further details on the page Specialist proofreading subjects):

  • accounting (including bookkeeping, and cost, financial, general, and management accounting)
  • astronomy (general/popular)
  • banking and investment
  • building appraisal, survey, and valuation
  • business and management (including organizational behaviour and strategic management)
  • child welfare
  • corporate real estate / residential real estate (including workplace design, planning and strategy; space optimization and cost efficiency; sustainability and waste minimization; automation)
  • economics and economic geography
  • education (primary, secondary, further, higher, business, professional, and vocational)
  • education theory and practice
  • finance and financial risk, loans, leases, and mortgages
  • history (especially twentieth century and ancient Greek)
  • health and health promotion
  • human resources and training
  • law (all areas)
  • marketing and brand management
  • military and defence
  • philosophy and ethics
  • politics and current affairs
  • property management (including repairs and renewals, rates, rent, and insurance)
  • social and cultural studies, including poverty and social exclusion
  • theology and religion
  • travel, tourism, and exploration (e.g. mountaineering and polar).

I also have experience in proofreading non-academic (trade) books on classic cars, crafts, DIY, fishing, gardening, pets, sailing, and sport.

Subjects not covered

  • mathematical
  • medical
  • scientific
  • technical.

As a matter of policy I do not proofread material related to

  • erotica / pornography
  • violence
  • bad language / swearing
  • gambling
  • hate speech
  • racism /sexism / homophobia.