Proofreading subject areas

I have wide experience in many proofreading subject areas (specialty proofreading subject areas are highlighted in bold with some further details further down the page:

scenic view of night sky
  • accounting (including bookkeeping, and cost, financial, general, and management accounting)
  • astronomy (general/popular), artificial satellites, and space exploration – I am a practising amateur astronomer and a member of the British Astronomical Association and the Society for Popular Astronomy, and a former visual observer for the Satellite Orbits Group at Appleton Laboratory
  • banking and investment
  • building appraisal, survey, and valuation
  • business and management (including organizational behaviour and strategic management)
  • corporate real estate / residential real estate (including workplace design, planning and strategy; space optimization and cost efficiency; sustainability and waste minimization; automation)
  • economics and economic geography
  • education (primary, secondary, further, higher, business, professional, and vocational)
  • education theory and practice
  • finance and financial risk, loans, leases, and mortgages
  • history (especially twentieth century and ancient Greek)
  • human resources and training
  • law (all areas)
  • marketing and brand management
  • military and defence
  • philosophy and ethics
  • politics and current affairs
  • property management (including repairs and renewals, rates, rent, and insurance)
  • social and cultural studies, including poverty and social exclusion
  • theology and religion
  • travel, tourism, and exploration (e.g. mountaineering and polar).

I also have experience in proofreading non-academic (trade) books on classic cars, crafts, DIY, fishing, gardening, pets, sailing, and sport.

Subjects I do not proofread

  • mathematics and statistics
  • medical.

As a matter of policy I do not proofread material related to

  • erotica / pornography
  • violence
  • bad language / swearing
  • gambling
  • hate speech
  • racism / sexism / homophobia.

Specialty proofreading subject areas

For over 30 years I have proofread books, journals, and other publications in a wide variety of subjects, and during this time and in previous employment I have built up knowledge and experience in particular fields.

Accounting, banking, business, economics, and finance

Practical employment experience

buildings with glass windows

I had several years’ experience working in retail banking and a building society, during which time my duties included:

  • branch balance sheets
  • cashiering
  • forex
  • investment accounts
  • mortgage lending
  • safe custody and securities.

Proofreading experience

For over 30 years I have proofread many dozens of books on:

  • accounting (all types, for example Colin Drury’s Cost Accounting)
  • banking
  • economics
  • finance
  • investment (for example periodic reports for an actuary).

I addition I have proofread the following quarterly journals for some years:

and helped to maintain and develop a standard house style for these journals.

Astronomy and space exploration

white outer space satellite

I am an amateur astronomer, a member of the British Astronomical Association, and a member of the Society for Popular Astronomy. I am a former visual observer of artificial Earth satellites for the Science Research Council’s Satellite Orbits Group (then at Slough).

Corporate real estate

Practical employment experience

worms eye view of high rise building

For several years I worked in the estate department (later the property department) in the tied tenanted / managed public house division, and in the free trade finance division of a major UK brewer. During this time my responsibilities included:

  • acquisitions and disposals
  • debt recovery
  • insurance cover and claims
  • leases, licences, and mortgages
  • licensed and unlicensed property rents
  • rating assessments and appeals
  • secured and unsecured lending.

Proofreading experience

For some years I have proofread the following quarterly journals:

and helped to maintain and enhance a standard house style for these publications. See Henry Stewart Publications.


Proofreading experience

I have many years’ experience in proofreading hundreds of books and other media for

white wooden rectangular table
  • Cengage Learning: books, textbooks, and management education and career development book
  • City & Guilds Institute, London: vocational learning modules
  • Edinburgh Business School: course notes
  • HarperCollins Publishers: textbooks
  • National Children’s Bureau: books, reports, and teacher resources
  • Oxford University Press: academic and business books
  • Pearson Education: academic books, textbooks, and management education and career development books
  • Routledge: academic and business books
  • UCL Institute of Education Press: books, reports, and journals on education
  • UCL Press: books and journals on education and cultural studies
  • University of Leicester School of Business (formerly School of Management): online distance learning modules / course material.


Proofreading experience

For many years I proofread philosophy titles for Routledge, by or on the following philosophers: Pierre Bourdieu, Michel Foucault, David Hume, George Herbert Mead, M. Merleau-Ponty, George Simmel, Baruch Spinoza, Paul Virilio, and Ludwig Wittgenstein.

More recently I have proofread philosophy for Oxford University Press. See examples in recent proofreading projects completed.