Specialist proofreading subjects

For over 25 years I have proofread books, journals, and other publications in a wide variety of subjects, and during this time and in previous employment I have built up knowledge and experience in particular specialist fields

Accounting, banking, business, economics, and finance

Practical employment experience

I had several years’ experience working in retail banking and a building society, during which time my duties included:

  • branch balance sheets
  • cashiering
  • forex
  • investment accounts
  • mortgage lending
  • safe custody and securities.

Proofreading experience

For over 25 years I have proofread many dozens of books on:

  • accounting (all types, for example Colin Drury’s Cost Accounting)
  • banking
  • economics
  • finance
  • investment (for example periodic reports for an actuary).

I addition I have proofread the following quarterly journals for some years:

  • Journal of Payments Strategy and Systems
  • Journal of Risk Management and Financial Institutions
  • Journal of Securities Operations & Custody

and helped to maintain and develop a standard house style for these journals.

Corporate real estate

Practical employment experience

For several years I worked in the estate department (later the property department) in the tied tenanted / managed public house division, and in the free trade finance division of a major UK brewer. During this time my responsibilities included:


  • acquisitions and disposals
  • debt recovery
  • insurance cover and claims
  • leases, licences, and mortgages
  • licensed and unlicensed property rents
  • rating assessments and appeals
  • secured and unsecured lending.

Proofreading experience

For some years I have proofread the following quarterly journals:

  • Corporate Real Estate Journal
  • Journal of Building Survey, Assessment and Valuation

and helped to maintain and enhance a standard house style for these publications.


Proofreading experience

I have many years’ experience in proofreading hundreds of books and other media for

  • Cengage Learning: books, textbooks, and management education and career development book
  • City & Guilds Institute, London: vocational learning modules
  • Edinburgh Business School: course notes
  • HarperCollins Publishers: textbooks
  • National Children’s Bureau: books, reports, and teacher resources
  • Oxford University Press: academic and business books
  • Pearson Education: academic books, textbooks, and management education and career development books
  • Routledge: academic and business books
  • UCL Institute of Education Press: books, reports, and journals on education
  • UCL Press: books and journals on education and cultural studies
  • University of Leicester School of Business (formerly School of Management): online distance learning modules / course material.


Proofreading experience

For many years I proofread philosophy titles for Routledge, by or on the following philosophers: Pierre Bourdieu, Michel Foucault, David Hume, George Herbert Mead, M. Merleau-Ponty, George Simmel, Baruch Spinoza, Paul Virilio, and Ludwig Wittgenstein.

More recently I have proofread philosophy for Oxford University Press. See examples in recent proofreading projects completed.