Recent proofreading projects

Oxford University Press is a major academic client

Education modules: Edinburgh Business School

  • Marketing Insights course notes
  • Finance in the Oil and Gas Industry course notes

Education modules: University of Leicester School of Business

  • Managing and Developing People course notes

Education modules: City & Guilds Institute, London

  • Senior Leader Programme in Further Education (eight modules)
  • Diploma in Social Media ‒ Level 3
  • Diploma in Health and Social Care ‒ Levels 2 and 3
  • Diploma in Electrical Installation ‒ Levels 2 and 3 checking of ebooks
  • Diploma in Business Administration ‒ Levels 2 and 3
  • Diploma in Employability Skills  ‒ Level 1

These modules included light editing and formatting of vocational qualification materials using SmartScreen, including checking:

  • question and answer exercises
  • learning resources to lesson plans and schemes of work
  • checking ebooks to the original printed versions

and creating basic artwork in Word using SmartArt on occasions.


Leadership 0199641730             Charitable Giving             Manufacturing Transformation              How Nations Innovate

Business, finance, and economics

  • The Future of National Development Banks by S Griffith-Jones and J Ocampo (OUP)
  • Collaborating for Our Future by B Gray and J Purdy (OUP)
  • Leadership by M Iszatt-White and C Saunders (OUP)
  • Collins Cape Economics MCQ Practice Book by D Ramsingh
  • Collins Cape Accounting Revision Guide by C Herrera and L Stephens-James
  • Charitable Giving and Tax Policy by G Fack and C Landais (OUP)
  • Manufacturing Transformation in Africa by J Page et al. (OUP)
  • How Nations Innovate by J Huo (OUP)
  • Collins Cape Economics by D Ramsingh (HarperCollins)
  • Monetary Policy Operations and the Financial System by U Bindseil (OUP)
  • International Trade and Economic Development by R Acharyya and S Kar (OUP)
  • Developing Employability for Business by M Lumley and J Wilkinson (OUP)
  • Financial Accounting, Reporting and Analysis by J Maynard (OUP)


  • Homework: The Evidence by S Hallam and L Rogers (IOE)
  • Enhancing Learning and Teaching with Technology by R Luckin (IOE)
  • The Principal by M Dale, K Orr and J Petrie (IOE)
  • Dynamic Digital Technologies for Dynamic Mathematics by A Clark-Wilson and C Hoyles (IOE)
  • Children’s Literature about Refugees by J Hope (IOE)
  • Will the Leopard Change its Spots? by F Coffield (IOE)
  • Putting the Test in its Place by J Berry (IOE)
  • PALEC case studies (IOE)
  • Preventing Dropout: Lessons from Europe by C Arnold and T Baker (IOE)
  • Muslim Mothers and their Children’s Schooling by S Din (IOE)
  • Whatever Happened to Extended Schools? by Doug Martin (IOE)
  • Dewey in Our Time by P Cunningham and R Heilbronn (OUP)
  • Guiding Readers: Layers of meaning by W Tennent, D Reedy et al. (IOE)
  • Teachers Undefeated by Jon Berry (IOE)
  • Trust and Verify by Dean Fink (IOE)
  • What’s Wrong with Private Education? (IOE)
  • Towards the Compassionate School by M Coles (IOE)
  • Forum Theatre for Children (IOE)
  • Assessing Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care (IOE)
  • New Directions for Education in China by S Cowen et al. (IOE)
  • Browne and Beyond by C Callender and P Scott (IOE)
  • Which Book and Why (IOE)



  • Sovereignty at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 by Leonard Smith (OUP)
  • The Global Chancellor by K Spohr (OUP)
  • The Hellenistic Age by P Thonemann (OUP)
  • What Do Students Know and Understand About the Holocaust (IOE)
  • Postcolonial Germany: Memories of Empire by B Schilling (OUP)

Literary studies and poetry

  • Poems of Guido Gezelle by P Vincent (ed.) (UCL Press)
  • Madness and the Romantic Poet by J Whitehead (OUP)


  • HSE Interactive: Optimising power and work brochure (Full Media)
  • New College Leicester – prospectus (Epic Communications)
  • Part Two Contract of Employment – handbook (SGS)
  • ISO 50001 Pitfalls booklet (SGS)
  • SGS Academy Training Brochure July–December 2016
  • Case Study: Ashridge Business School (SGS)
  • The Route to ISO 9001:2015 – booklet (SGS)
  • Four marketing documents with social media for Numitas

Renewing Philosophy 9780198738909             Normal Rationality 9780198802433            Structuring Mind 9780199658428            British Ethical 9780199233625

Philosophy and ethics

  • Perceptual Ephemera by T Crowther and C Mac Cumhaill (OUP)
  • Fellow Creatures by C Korsgaard (OUP)
  • On the Genealogy of Universals by Fraser MacBride (OUP)
  • Idealism by T Goldschmidt and KL Pearce (OUP)
  • Renewing Philosophy of Religion by P Draper and JL Schellenberg (OUP)
  • Normal Rationality by A Margalit and CR Sunstein (OUP)
  • The Structuring Mind by S Watzl (OUP)
  • Abstractionism by P Ebert and M Rossberg (OUP)
  • British Ethical Theorists by T Hurka (OUP)
  • Balthasar on the Spiritual Senses by M McInroy (OUP)

Party & Demiocracy 9780198735854              Party Democracy 9780198805434              Arms Race 9780198735267              Terrorism 9780198746966


  • Kidnap: Inside the Ransom Business by A Shortland (OUP)
  • Party and Democracy by P Ignazi (OUP)
  • The Acceptance of Party Unity in Parliamentary Democracies by DM Willumsen (OUP)
  • Arms Race in International Politics by T Mahnken, J Miaolo and D Stevenson (OUP)
  • Conceptualizing Terrorism by A Richards (OUP)

Religion and theology

  • St Theodore the Studite’s Defence of the Icons by T Tollefsen
  • Victorian Christianity and Emigrant Voyages by R Strong (OUP)
  • How the Light Gets In by G Ward (OUP)
  • God’s Command by J Hare (OUP)
  • Receptions of Newman by PD Aquino and BJ King (OUP)
  • Religion and Other Beliefs (NCB)

[Note on abbreviations used: IOE, UCL Institute of Education Press; NCB, National Children’s Bureau; OUP, Oxford University Press; UCL, University College London Press.]

Journals – academic and vocational

  • Architecture_MPS (UCL)
  • Corporate Real Estate Journal (HSP)
  • International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning (IOE)
  • Journal of Building, Survey and Appraisal (HSP)
  • Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems (HSP)
  • Journal of Risk Assessment in Financial Institutions (HSP)
  • Journal of Securities, Operations and Custody (HSP)
  • London Journal of Canadian Studies (UCL)
  • London Review of Education (IOE)
  • Research for All (IOE)

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Portfolios of selected older proofreading projects can be viewed on the sub-pages academic and professional, educational, and trade publishing titles, which can be accessed through the links at the bottom of this page.

Portfolio of past proofreading projects: Academic and professional

Portfolio of past proofreading projects in academic and professional subjects, including accounting, finance, banking, investment, business, management, economics, environment, health, history, law, marketing, philosophy, politics, real estate, social and cultural studies, theology and religion

Portfolio of past proofreading projects: Education

Portfolio of past proofreading projects in education

Portfolio of past proofreading projects: Trade publishing

Proofreading of calendars and trade books on classic cars, fishing, sailing, travel guides, gardening, pets, and sports.