Recent proofreading projects

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Recent proofreading projects

Recent proofreading projects completed by Stephen York, including books reports, journals and education modules.
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Details of recent proofreading projects are given below by subject area.

Education modules: Edinburgh Business School

  • Marketing Insights course notes
  • Finance in the Oil and Gas Industry course notes

Education modules: University of Leicester School of Business

  • Managing and Developing People course notes

Education modules: City & Guilds Institute, London

  • Entry Level Maths 1, 2, and 3
  • Entry Level Maths Functional Skills
  • Level 3 Unified Communications Technician – ATM and grid
  • Senior Leader Programme in Further Education (eight modules)
  • Diploma in Social Media ‒ Level 3
  • Diploma in Health and Social Care ‒ Levels 2 and 3
  • Diploma in Electrical Installation ‒ Levels 2 and 3 checking of ebooks
  • Diploma in Business Administration ‒ Levels 2 and 3
  • Diploma in Employability Skills  ‒ Level 1

These modules included light editing and formatting of vocational qualification materials using SmartScreen, including checking:

  • question and answer exercises
  • learning resources to lesson plans and schemes of work
  • checking ebooks to the original printed versions

and creating basic artwork in Word using SmartArt on occasions.

Recent  projects: Books                               

Some of the most recently published books have links to them.

Business, finance, and economics

  • Foundations of Economics by A Gillespie (OUP)
  • Economics for Business by A Gillespie (OUP)
  • The Future of National Development Banks by S Griffith-Jones and J Ocampo (OUP)
  • Collaborating for Our Future by B Gray and J Purdy (OUP)
  • Leadership by M Iszatt-White and C Saunders (OUP)
  • Accounting for Business by P Scott (OUP)
  • Collins Cape Economics MCQ Practice Book by D Ramsingh
  • Collins Cape Accounting Revision Guide by C Herrera and L Stephens-James
  • Charitable Giving and Tax Policy by G Fack and C Landais (OUP)
  • Manufacturing Transformation in Africa by J Page et al. (OUP)
  • How Nations Innovate by J Huo (OUP)
  • Collins Cape Economics by D Ramsingh (HarperCollins)
  • Monetary Policy Operations and the Financial System by U Bindseil (OUP)
  • International Trade and Economic Development by R Acharyya and S Kar (OUP)
  • Developing Employability for Business by M Lumley and J Wilkinson (OUP)
  • Financial Accounting, Reporting and Analysis by J Maynard (OUP)



Literary studies and poetry


  • HSE Interactive: Optimising power and work brochure (Full Media)
  • New College Leicester – prospectus (Epic Communications)
  • Part Two Contract of Employment – handbook (SGS)
  • ISO 50001 Pitfalls booklet (SGS)
  • SGS Academy Training Brochure July–December 2016
  • Case Study: Ashridge Business School (SGS)
  • The Route to ISO 9001:2015 – booklet (SGS)
  • Four marketing documents with social media for Numitas

Philosophy and ethics

  • Perceptual Ephemera by T Crowther and C Mac Cumhaill (OUP)
  • Fellow Creatures by C Korsgaard (OUP)
  • On the Genealogy of Universals by Fraser MacBride (OUP)
  • Idealism by T Goldschmidt and KL Pearce (OUP)
  • Renewing Philosophy of Religion by P Draper and JL Schellenberg (OUP)
  • Normal Rationality by A Margalit and CR Sunstein (OUP)
  • The Structuring Mind by S Watzl (OUP)
  • Abstractionism by P Ebert and M Rossberg (OUP)
  • British Ethical Theorists by T Hurka (OUP)
  • Balthasar on the Spiritual Senses by M McInroy (OUP)


  • Kidnap: Inside the Ransom Business by A Shortland (OUP)
  • Party and Democracy by P Ignazi (OUP)
  • The Acceptance of Party Unity in Parliamentary Democracies by DM Willumsen (OUP)
  • Arms Race in International Politics by T Mahnken, J Miaolo and D Stevenson (OUP)
  • Conceptualizing Terrorism by A Richards (OUP)

Religion and theology

[Note on abbreviations used: IOE, UCL Institute of Education Press; NCB, National Children’s Bureau; OUP, Oxford University Press; UCL, University College London Press.]

Recent projects: Reports

  • Transition to the OfS – draft report (Universities UK (UUK))
  • Online Harassment (UUK)
  • The Student Visa System – Principles for reform (UUK)

Recent projects: Journals – academic and vocational



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