Portfolio: Education

teacher teaching his students

This portfolio of past education titles comprises significant projects over the last few years.

Education modules: Leicester University

  • Professional Diploma in Management modules and handbook
  • PhD research training in social science modules

See also education titles listed on the Recent proofreading projects page.

Portfolio: Education. Books, journals and reports for UCL Institute of Education Press and National Children’s Bureau

  • Guiding Readers: Layers of meaning by W Tennent, D Reedy et al. (IOE)
  • Teachers Undefeated by Jon Berry (IOE)
  • Trust and Verify by Dean Fink (IOE)
  • What’s Wrong with Private Education? (IOE)
  • Towards the Compassionate School by M Coles (IOE)
  • Forum Theatre for Children (IOE)
  • Assessing Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care (IOE)
  • New Directions for Education in China by S Cowen et al. (IOE)
  • Browne and Beyond by C Callender and P Scott (IOE)
  • Which Book and Why (IOE)
  • A Model for the Delivery of Evidence-based PSHE in Secondary Schools by D Hale, J Coleman and R Layard
  • A World Without Play ‒ A literature review by J Gleave and I Cole-Hamilton
  • Annual Report and Accounts (NCB, several  years)
  • Anyone Listening? by T Burke
  • Are We Nearly There Yet? by T Greany
  • Assessment, Evaluation and Sex and Relationships Education by S Blake and S Muttock
  • Building Resilience in Families Under Stress by E Sawyer and S Burton
  • Children’s Participation in Decision-making by Davey, Burke, Lea and Shaw
  • Consultations on Early Foundation Stage 2 National Planning Policy Framework
  • Dignity and Inclusion ‒ Volumes 1 and 2 edited by A Allard
  • Educating for Hope in Troubled Times by D Hicks
  • Education and Social Mobility by K Hoskins and B Barker
  • Everybody Here will be Bullied by C McLaughlin, R Byers and C Oliver
  • Greater Expectations: Raising Aspirations for Our Children
  • Guidelines for Research with Children and Young People by C Shaw et al.
  • ‘Just Normal Young People’: Supporting young people living with HIV in their transition to adulthood by E Hamblin
  • Law, Education, Politics, Fairness by D Gibton
  • Laying the Foundations: A practical guide to SRE by A Martinez, V Cooper and J Lees
  • Leadership for Quality in Early Years and Playwork by D Garvey and A Lancaster
  • Mixed Experiences: Growing up mixed race by D Morley and C Street
  • My Rights, Your Responsibility
  • National Healthy Schools Report
  • Ofsted Framework and Inspecting Handbook
  • Parents and SRE/Guide to SRE by L Emmerson
  • Perspectives on Bullying and Difference by C McLaughlin, R Byers and C Oliver
  • Putting Analysis into Assessment by R Dalzell and E Sawyer
  • Radical Reforms: Perspectives on an era of educational change by C Chapman and HM Gunter
  • Respecting Difference by HS Mirza and V Meetoo
  • Spaces for Young Children by M Dudek
  • Sport Through Education Annual Review
  • The Ripple Effect: The nature and impact of the children’s voluntary sector by C Gill, I LaValle and LM Brady
  • The Software of Play Provision by J Beunderman
  • Too Safe For Their Own Good by J Linden