Portfolio : Academic and professional

Portfolio of past proofreading projects in academic and professional subjects, including accounting, finance, banking, investment, business, management, economics, environment, health, history, law, marketing, philosophy, politics, real estate, social and cultural studies, theology and religion

This portfolio of past academic and professional titles comprises significant projects over the last few years.

Portfolio: Academic and professional books

Accounting and finance

  • Accounting Theory and Practice by M Glautier, D Morris and B Underdown
  • Brilliant Accounting by M Quinn
  • Business Accounting 1 and 2 by F Wood and A Sangster
  • Business Accounting and Finance for Non-specialists by C Gowthorpe
  • Corporate Finance and Valuation by B Ryan
  • Cost and Management Accounting by C Drury
  • Finance for Non-financial Managers in a Week by R Mason
  • Financial Accounting for Decision Makers by P Atrill and A McLaney
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting by B and J Elliott
  • Financial Accounting, Reporting and Analysis by J Maynard
  • Financial Accounting: An international introduction by D Alexander and C Nobes
  • International Finance: A practical perspective by A Buckley
  • International Financial Reporting and Analysis by Alexander, Britton and Jorissen
  • Monetary Policy Operations and the Financial System by U Bindseil
  • The Audit Process by I Gray and S Manson
  • The Fundamentals of Corporate Finance by Firer, Ross, Westerfield and Jordan
  • What the Market Teaches Us by CW Smith
  • Journal of Payments Strategy & Solutions
  • Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions
  • Journal of Securities Operations and Custody

Banking and investment

  • Financial Times Guide to Investing by G Arnold
  • Fundamentals of Investments by H Levy
  • Introduction to Islamic Banking by Hasan, Kayed and Oseni
  • Money and Banking by R Eyler
  • The Bribery Act 2011: Adequate guidance procedures by the British Bankers Association
  • The Great Investors by G Arnold

Business and management

  • Business Analysis and Valuation by Palepu, Healey, Bernard and Peek
  • Commissioning Toolkit for Procurement of Consultancy Services by Chamberlain’s Dept, London
  • Communication for Business by S Taylor
  • Developing Employability for Business by M Lumley and J Wilkinson
  • Heineman IGCSE Business Studies Student Book by R Jones
  • Heineman Office Administration for CSEC by A Whitcomb
  • How Nations Innovate by J Huo
  • Inspirational Manager by J Leary-Joyce
  • Interfacing Risk and Earned Value Management by Association for Project Management
  • International Business and Management by P Kelly
  • Leading in Turbulent Times by K Kelly and G Hayes
  • Operations Management by N Slack, S Chambers and R Johnston
  • Organizational Theory and Design by R Daft, J Murphy and H Willmott
  • Project Management and Project Network Techniques by K Lockyer and J Gordon
  • Strategic Information and Systems Management by K Grant, R Hackney and D Edgar
  • Strategic Management by J Thompson and F Martin
  • Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization by MA Hitt, RD Ireland and RE Hoskisson
  • The Leadership Manual by Owen, Hodgson and Gazzard
  • The Official MBA Handbook
  • The Start-up Survival Guide by C Lilly


  • Applied Economics by Griffiths and Wall
  • Currency Convertibility by Macedo, Eichengreen, and Reis
  • Development of Economic Analysis by IH Rima
  • Economics by D Begg et al.
  • Economics by Parkin, Powell and Matthews
  • Economics for Business by Black et al.
  • Macroeconomics and Business by NT Macdonald
  • Modelling Economic Systems by A Gully
  • The Complexity of Economic Thought by D Colander
  • The Economics of the Good Society by J Berliner
  • The World Economy by H Siebert


  • Handbook of Climate Change and India by NK Dubash

Health and health promotion

  • Emerging Perspectives in Health Communication by HM Zoller and MJ Dutta
  • Hands-on Sports Therapy by K Ward
  • Indian Head Massage by M Burnham-Airey and A O’Keefe
  • Mindful Approach to Depression and GPs by Mental Health Foundation
  • National Healthy Schools Report
  • NHSS Guidance Document by J Whitby
  • Sex and Relationships Guidance Document by Leicester Health Promotion/Sexual Health Team
  • The Complete Nail Technician by M Newman
  • The Mindfulness Report by the Mental Health Foundation


  • A History of the Church in the Middle Ages by FD Logan
  • Augustus Caesar by D Shotter
  • Eisenhower by PG Boyle
  • England’s Maritime Empire 1490‒1690 by D Loades
  • Europe in the Central Middle Ages 962‒1154 by C Brook
  • Experiments in Rethinking History by A Munslow and R Rosenstone
  • Hitler’s Germany by R Stackelberg
  • Human Rights in Ancient Rome by RA Bauman
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II by C Clark
  • Lenin and Revolutionary Russia by SJ Lee
  • Manifestos for History by K Jenkins, S Morgan and A Munslow
  • Society and State in Interwar Japan by E Tipton
  • Strolling About on the Roof of the World by H Leach and S Farrington
  • The Cold War by B Lightbody
  • The Fall of the GDR by D Childs
  • The First Maya Civilization by F Estrada-Belli
  • The Siege of the Peking Embassy 1900
  • Who’s Who in Ancient Egypt by M Rice
  • Who’s Who in the Ancient Near East by G Leick

HRM and training

  • Human Resources Management in South Africa by Grobler, Warnich et al.
  • Brilliant Psychometric Tests
  • Human Resource and Change Management by J Storey
  • Human Resource Management by T Bolton
  • Personnel in Practice by D Currie
  • Training in Practice by S Truelove
  • Managing Employee Performance by RS Williams


  • AS Law for AQA by C Elliott and F Quinn
  • Business Law by Abbott, Pendlebury and Wardman
  • Business Law by S Riches and V Allen
  • Conditional Fees by Bawdon, Napier and Wignall
  • Criminal Law by M Jefferson
  • Employment Law in Context by B Willey
  • English Legal System by C Elliott and F Quinn
  • Exploring Equity and Trusts by S Panesar
  • Keenan and Riches’ Business Law by S Riches and V Allen
  • Law Express: Business Law by E MacIntyre
  • Law on the Web by S Stein
  • Media Law: Cases and materials by Barendt and Hitchens
  • Property Law by R Smith
  • TUPE: A Practical Guide by G Sage


  • Brochures, adverts, flyers, press releases, letters, case studies, email campaigns for SGS UK Limited
  • Essentials of Marketing by F Brassington and S Pettitt
  • Public Sector Marketing by T Proctor

Military and defence

  • Air Power History: From Kitty Hawk to Kosovo by S Cox and P Gray
  • Britain’s Economic Blockade of Germany 1914‒1919 by EW Osborne
  • Democratic Societies and Their Armed Forces by SA Cohen
  • Kursk 1943: A Statistical Analysis by N Zetterling and A Frankson
  • Problematics of Military Power by MS Drake
  • Strategic Logic and Political Rationality by B Lee and K Walling
  • The Boer War by J Gooch
  • The Longman Companion to the First World War
  • The Royal Navy in the Falklands and Gulf War by A Finlan
  • Themes of the American Civil War by SM Grant and BH Reid

Philosophy and ethics

  • David Hume: Critical assessments (vol. III) by various
  • Dialectic and Difference by A Norrie
  • Dictionary of World Philosophy by AP Iannone
  • George Herbert Mead: Critical assessments (4 volumes) by P Hamilton
  • George Simmel: Critical assessments by Frisby
  • Paul Virilio by I James
  • Pierre Bourdieu by R Jenkins
  • Spinoza and the Ethics by G Lloyd
  • The Birth of the Clinic by M Foucault
  • The World of Perception by M Merleau-Ponty
  • Wittgenstein’s Art of Investigation by B Savicky


  • Astropolitik: Classical geopolitics in the Space Age by EC Dolman
  • China’s Tibet Policy by D Norbu
  • Comparative Democratic Politics by H Keman
  • Mass Conservatism by S Ball and I Holliday
  • Parliamentary Reform, 1785‒1928 by S Lang
  • Political Economy and the Labour Party by N Thompson
  • Political Ideas in Modern Britain by R Barker
  • Voters on the Run or on the Move? by B Wessels et al.
  • World Politics Since 1945 by P Calvocoressi

Social and cultural studies (including poverty and social exclusion)

  • American Civilization by D Mauk and J Oakland
  • Bullying and Young Children by C Macintyre
  • Children and Television by Gunther and McAleer
  • Cultures of Masculinity by T Edwards
  • Dictionary of Race and Ethnic Relations by E Cashmore
  • Inquiry into British Housing 1984‒1991 by Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • London Journal of Candian Studies
  • Managing the City by Diamond, Liddle, Southern and Townsend
  • Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion by Aldridge, Parekh, MacInnes and Kenway
  • Overcoming Poverty and Social Exclusion by D Hirsch and P Kenway
  • Paying for Long-term Care by D Hirsch
  • Poverty Rates Among Ethnic Groups in Britain by Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Practicing Culture by C Calhoun and R Sennett
  • Roc the Mic Right by H Samy Alim
  • Routes Out of Poverty by D Hirsch
  • Shakespeare the Movie by Boose and Burt
  • Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Infancy by The Stationery Office
  • Theories of Crime by I Marsh
  • The Slavery Reader by G Heuman and J Walvin
  • What Are Today’s Social Evils by B Watts

Theology and religion

  • Science and Spirituality by DM Knight
  • The Personal Voice of Biblical Interpretation by I Kitzberger
  • Psalms by AG Hunter

Tourism and hospitality

  • HRM for Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure by T Baum
  • Tourism: A Modern Synthesis by S Page and J O’Connell

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Portfolio: Academic and professional journals

Real estate and property management/built environment

  • Architecture_MPS (journal)
  • Corporate Real Estate Journal
  • Journal of Building Survey, Appraisal & Valuation