Portfolio: Academic and professional

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This portfolio of past academic and professional titles comprises significant projects over the last few years.

Portfolio: Academic and professional books

Accounting and finance

  • Accounting Theory and Practice by M Glautier, D Morris and B Underdown
  • Brilliant Accounting by M Quinn
  • Business Accounting 1 and 2 by F Wood and A Sangster
  • Business Accounting and Finance for Non-specialists by C Gowthorpe
  • Corporate Finance and Valuation by B Ryan
  • Cost and Management Accounting by C Drury
  • Finance for Non-financial Managers in a Week by R Mason
  • Financial Accounting for Decision Makers by P Atrill and A McLaney
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting by B and J Elliott
  • Financial Accounting, Reporting and Analysis by J Maynard
  • Financial Accounting: An international introduction by D Alexander and C Nobes
  • International Finance: A practical perspective by A Buckley
  • International Financial Reporting and Analysis by Alexander, Britton and Jorissen
  • Monetary Policy Operations and the Financial System by U Bindseil
  • The Audit Process by I Gray and S Manson
  • The Fundamentals of Corporate Finance by Firer, Ross, Westerfield and Jordan
  • What the Market Teaches Us by CW Smith
  • Journal of Payments Strategy & Solutions
  • Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions
  • Journal of Securities Operations and Custody

Banking and investment

  • Financial Times Guide to Investing by G Arnold
  • Fundamentals of Investments by H Levy
  • Introduction to Islamic Banking by Hasan, Kayed and Oseni
  • Money and Banking by R Eyler
  • The Bribery Act 2011: Adequate guidance procedures by the British Bankers Association
  • The Great Investors by G Arnold 

Business and management

  • Business Analysis and Valuation by Palepu, Healey, Bernard and Peek
  • Commissioning Toolkit for Procurement of Consultancy Services by Chamberlain’s Dept, London
  • Communication for Business by S Taylor
  • Developing Employability for Business by M Lumley and J Wilkinson
  • Heineman IGCSE Business Studies Student Book by R Jones
  • Heineman Office Administration for CSEC by A Whitcomb
  • How Nations Innovate by J Huo
  • Inspirational Manager by J Leary-Joyce
  • Interfacing Risk and Earned Value Management by Association for Project Management
  • International Business and Management by P Kelly
  • Leading in Turbulent Times by K Kelly and G Hayes
  • Operations Management by N Slack, S Chambers and R Johnston
  • Organizational Theory and Design by R Daft, J Murphy and H Willmott
  • Project Management and Project Network Techniques by K Lockyer and J Gordon
  • Strategic Information and Systems Management by K Grant, R Hackney and D Edgar
  • Strategic Management by J Thompson and F Martin
  • Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization by MA Hitt, RD Ireland and RE Hoskisson
  • The Leadership Manual by Owen, Hodgson and Gazzard
  • The Official MBA Handbook
  • The Start-up Survival Guide by C Lilly


  • Applied Economics by Griffiths and Wall
  • Currency Convertibility by Macedo, Eichengreen, and Reis
  • Development of Economic Analysis by IH Rima
  • Economics by D Begg et al.
  • Economics by Parkin, Powell and Matthews
  • Economics for Business by Black et al.
  • Macroeconomics and Business by NT Macdonald
  • Modelling Economic Systems by A Gully
  • The Complexity of Economic Thought by D Colander
  • The Economics of the Good Society by J Berliner
  • The World Economy by H Siebert


  • Handbook of Climate Change and India by NK Dubash

Health and health promotion

  • Emerging Perspectives in Health Communication by HM Zoller and MJ Dutta
  • Hands-on Sports Therapy by K Ward
  • Indian Head Massage by M Burnham-Airey and A O’Keefe
  • Mindful Approach to Depression and GPs by Mental Health Foundation
  • National Healthy Schools Report
  • NHSS Guidance Document by J Whitby
  • Sex and Relationships Guidance Document by Leicester Health Promotion/Sexual Health Team
  • The Complete Nail Technician by M Newman
  • The Mindfulness Report by the Mental Health Foundation


  • A History of the Church in the Middle Ages by FD Logan
  • Augustus Caesar by D Shotter
  • Eisenhower by PG Boyle
  • England’s Maritime Empire 1490‒1690 by D Loades
  • Europe in the Central Middle Ages 962‒1154 by C Brook
  • Experiments in Rethinking History by A Munslow and R Rosenstone
  • Hitler’s Germany by R Stackelberg
  • Human Rights in Ancient Rome by RA Bauman
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II by C Clark
  • Lenin and Revolutionary Russia by SJ Lee
  • Manifestos for History by K Jenkins, S Morgan and A Munslow
  • Society and State in Interwar Japan by E Tipton
  • Strolling About on the Roof of the World by H Leach and S Farrington
  • The Cold War by B Lightbody
  • The Fall of the GDR by D Childs
  • The First Maya Civilization by F Estrada-Belli
  • The Siege of the Peking Embassy 1900
  • Who’s Who in Ancient Egypt by M Rice
  • Who’s Who in the Ancient Near East by G Leick

HRM and training

  • Human Resources Management in South Africa by Grobler, Warnich et al.
  • Brilliant Psychometric Tests
  • Human Resource and Change Management by J Storey
  • Human Resource Management by T Bolton
  • Personnel in Practice by D Currie
  • Training in Practice by S Truelove
  • Managing Employee Performance by RS Williams


  • AS Law for AQA by C Elliott and F Quinn
  • Business Law by Abbott, Pendlebury and Wardman
  • Business Law by S Riches and V Allen
  • Conditional Fees by Bawdon, Napier and Wignall
  • Criminal Law by M Jefferson
  • Employment Law in Context by B Willey
  • English Legal System by C Elliott and F Quinn
  • Exploring Equity and Trusts by S Panesar
  • Keenan and Riches’ Business Law by S Riches and V Allen
  • Law Express: Business Law by E MacIntyre
  • Law on the Web by S Stein
  • Media Law: Cases and materials by Barendt and Hitchens
  • Property Law by R Smith
  • TUPE: A Practical Guide by G Sage


  • Brochures, adverts, flyers, press releases, letters, case studies, email campaigns for SGS UK Limited
  • Essentials of Marketing by F Brassington and S Pettitt
  • Public Sector Marketing by T Proctor

Military and defence

  • Air Power History: From Kitty Hawk to Kosovo by S Cox and P Gray
  • Britain’s Economic Blockade of Germany 1914‒1919 by EW Osborne
  • Democratic Societies and Their Armed Forces by SA Cohen
  • Kursk 1943: A Statistical Analysis by N Zetterling and A Frankson
  • Problematics of Military Power by MS Drake
  • Strategic Logic and Political Rationality by B Lee and K Walling
  • The Boer War by J Gooch
  • The Longman Companion to the First World War
  • The Royal Navy in the Falklands and Gulf War by A Finlan
  • Themes of the American Civil War by SM Grant and BH Reid

Philosophy and ethics

  • David Hume: Critical assessments (vol. III) by various
  • Dialectic and Difference by A Norrie
  • Dictionary of World Philosophy by AP Iannone
  • George Herbert Mead: Critical assessments (4 volumes) by P Hamilton
  • George Simmel: Critical assessments by Frisby
  • Paul Virilio by I James
  • Pierre Bourdieu by R Jenkins
  • Spinoza and the Ethics by G Lloyd
  • The Birth of the Clinic by M Foucault
  • The World of Perception by M Merleau-Ponty
  • Wittgenstein’s Art of Investigation by B Savicky


  • Astropolitik: Classical geopolitics in the Space Age by EC Dolman
  • China’s Tibet Policy by D Norbu
  • Comparative Democratic Politics by H Keman
  • Mass Conservatism by S Ball and I Holliday
  • Parliamentary Reform, 1785‒1928 by S Lang
  • Political Economy and the Labour Party by N Thompson
  • Political Ideas in Modern Britain by R Barker
  • Voters on the Run or on the Move? by B Wessels et al.
  • World Politics Since 1945 by P Calvocoressi

Social and cultural studies (including poverty and social exclusion)

  • American Civilization by D Mauk and J Oakland
  • Bullying and Young Children by C Macintyre
  • Children and Television by Gunther and McAleer
  • Cultures of Masculinity by T Edwards
  • Dictionary of Race and Ethnic Relations by E Cashmore
  • Inquiry into British Housing 1984‒1991 by Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • London Journal of Candian Studies
  • Managing the City by Diamond, Liddle, Southern and Townsend
  • Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion by Aldridge, Parekh, MacInnes and Kenway
  • Overcoming Poverty and Social Exclusion by D Hirsch and P Kenway
  • Paying for Long-term Care by D Hirsch
  • Poverty Rates Among Ethnic Groups in Britain by Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Practicing Culture by C Calhoun and R Sennett
  • Roc the Mic Right by H Samy Alim
  • Routes Out of Poverty by D Hirsch
  • Shakespeare the Movie by Boose and Burt
  • Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Infancy by The Stationery Office
  • Theories of Crime by I Marsh
  • The Slavery Reader by G Heuman and J Walvin
  • What Are Today’s Social Evils by B Watts

Theology and religion

  • Science and Spirituality by DM Knight
  • The Personal Voice of Biblical Interpretation by I Kitzberger
  • Psalms by AG Hunter

Tourism and hospitality

  • HRM for Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure by T Baum
  • Tourism: A Modern Synthesis by S Page and J O’Connell

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Portfolio: Academic and professional journals

Real estate and property management/built environment

  • Architecture_MPS (journal)
  • Corporate Real Estate Journal
  • Journal of Building Survey, Appraisal & Valuation