Portfolio: Trade publishing

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Below is a portfolio of trade publishing projects in a variety of subject areas.

Portfolio of trade publishing: Calendars

Pop, rock, and movie stars, cartoons, glamour, brands, and humorous.

Portfolio  of trade publishing: Books

Classic cars and motorcycles

  • Alfa Romeo
  • Aston Martin
  • Austin Healey 100 and 300 series
  • BMW M series
  • Bugatti
  • Ford Capri
  • Jaguar XJ series
  • Lotus
  • Mercedes SL series
  • MG
  • Morgan
  • Range Rover
  • TVR
  • MTB Pro Riding
  • Yamaha racing motorcycles

Crafts, DIY, and hobbies

Acrylic and pastel techniques (painting)  |  Masonry and plastering  |  Plumbing and central heating  |  Rocking horse restoration  |  Roofing  |  Weaving  |  Wiring and electrics  |  Wood carving  |  Wood joints


  • Carp Fishing by Tony Miles
  • Complete Carp Angler by Andy Little
  • Dark Pools by CWB Jardine
  • Fisherman’s Companion by Bob Church et al.
  • Perfect Your Baits by John Bailey


Boat electrics  |  Catamaran sailing  |  Diesel engine maintenance  |  Electronic navigation  |  Glass-fibre repairs  |  Navigation  |  Regulations  |  Yacht and small craft design

Portfolio of trade publishing includes sailing.
Photo by alain agapit on Pexels.com

Travel, tourism, and exploration

  • Antarctica – Heaven and Hell Together by R Messner
  • To the Top of the World by R Messner
  • Five travel guides for AA Publishing: Boston and New England, Brittany, Spain, Provence, and Venice
  • Ten travel guides for Berlitz: Switzerland, Loire, Rome, Normandy, Brittany, California, Singapore, Australia, Kenya, and Florida
Portfolio of trade publishing includes tourism, travel and exploration.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Various leisure interests

Also covered:

Gardening  |  Pets  |  Sports