Student proofreading

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Student proofreading

Student proofreading: who and what is covered

I offer proofreading for undergraduate, postgraduate, and mature students.

I possess a wealth of valuable experience in professionally proofreading dissertations, theses, and essays for both native British and international students, with a particular focus on assisting Chinese students studying in the UK. Additionally, I have provided meticulous proofreading services for their personal documents.

Student proofreading: what it could cost

DISCOUNT: 25% for students’ proofreading

No-obligation estimates of cost are available on request and will depend on

  • the extent of the work that you require, for example word count
  • your standard of writing (please supply a sample)
  • how quickly you require your document turning around.

Media I can handle for you

  • dissertations
  • theses
  • essays
  • proposals
  • applications
  • assignments
  • CVs / résumés
  • personal statements and other documents.

They should be in Microsoft Word docx format (not rar).

Students can and have benefited greatly from my proofreading services. I have been much involved in helping Chinese and Middle-Eastern students in getting their essays, dissertations and theses ready for submission.
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Please check my proofreading subject areas for my specialisms although I am able to proofread in other subject areas.

Extent of student proofreading: what my proofreading will include

Academic writing must be your own work and if your first language is not English or if you have difficulty expressing yourself in writing, most universities and colleges allow you to have your text checked by an English proofreader. This helps to ensure your meaning is clear and that the text is written in acceptable English.

I am always happy to help students with their dissertations, essays, personal statements, proposals, and theses, especially if English is their second language (ESL), such as international students studying in the UK. I have recent and regular experience in proofreading for Chinese students studying in the UK, and I welcome enquiries from all Asian students.

The extent of any proofreading I carry out will often be determined by your university’s proofreading guidance and rules. Usually my proofreading will include:

  • spelling and hyphenation
  • punctuation
  • capitalization
  • grammar and syntax
  • advice on style and layout inconsistencies.

Please ensure you are aware of your university’s proofreading rules and that you have your supervisor’s permission to use a professional proofreader. Some universities do not allow third-party proofreading or have very strict rules concerning it.

What I WILL usually do in a student proofread

Normally, according to university proofreading regulations, I am allowed to carry out the following checks and corrections:

  • checking for correct and consistent spelling; UK and US English handled
  • checking punctuation, grammar, and consistency of capitalization
  • correcting or highlighting incorrect word usage, such as “their” for “there”
  • raising queries or making suggestions on sentences that do not make sense, for instance if they cannot be eliminated by minor changes to punctuation or wording by me
  • checking text references to citations in the references or bibliography sections and their formatting but not their accuracy or validity
  • highlighting repetition, inconsistencies, and over-long sentences or paragraphs. I can suggest solutions where possible
  • point out inconsistencies of layout and heading styles / hierarchy
  • undertaking basic formatting such as deleting double spaces between words or sentences or correcting inconsistent use of single and double quotation marks.

I will mark all corrections and queries using the Track changes tool in MS Word and you will be able to accept or reject each one individually, so retaining full control.

All my amendments and suggestions will be recorded using Track Changes in Microsoft Word for your review.

What I WILL NOT usually do in a student proofread

I will often not be allowed to carry out major reformatting to improve visual appearance or hierarchy of headings, not writing or rewriting. Based on the usual stipulations in university guidelines I will not be able to:

  • checking for factual errors or flaws in arguments
  • major reformatting
  • checking hierarchy of headings
  • rewriting to reduce word count
  • adding my own written material
  • advising on whether you have met university requirements
  • checking equations, tables and diagrams for accuracy.

Please see the Students’ proofreading checklist page for further details.

Please also refer to my Terms and conditions of business before booking and paing a deposit.

Here to help all students with their proofreading to achieve good grades.
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Want to book me?

Please see dedicated subpage Students’ proofreading checklist for further details of the service offered to you, timing, and payment arrangements.

Please also refer to my Terms and conditions of business before booking and paying a deposit.

Feedback from satisfied students

Here’s what an international student had to say about their essays on marketing:

“I really appreciate your work, and it has really helped. I will have 4 more works need  proofreading next month, if it is possible, may I ask you for long term cooperation?”

“Thank you for reviewing my essay. I am really happy with it.”

Read further feedback on the student feedback page.

Let’s work together to secure your future.