Gravestone epitaphs: Poets and writers

I have often found the epitaphs on gravestones and tombs that go beyond the simple details of name, life span, and relationships more interesting, and sometimes poignant, when they cover details of their life and fame. Following are some of those for poets and writers. Joseph Conrad (Canterbury, England) Sleep after toyle, port after stormie … Continue reading Gravestone epitaphs: Poets and writers

“Good” is just mediocre: “Excellence” should be the goal

It is a general assumption that everyone, except perhaps the totally demotivated, will try to do their best in many tasks they tackle in life, whether it be on the domestic front (e.g. home do-it-yourself repairs), in the sporting arena, or challenges in their work life. In doing their best do they strive for excellence? … Continue reading “Good” is just mediocre: “Excellence” should be the goal