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New words added to Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary is constantly adding new words, often reflecting new cultural phenomena, and some additions may be surprising. These are a few that were added in spring 2019. Many are all too familiar. Adorbs Cute or adorable; inducing great delight. Bestie A person’s best friend. Binge-watch To watch multiple episodes of a TV

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New words (part 2)

  Part 1 of this article discussed how new words in the English language are recognized by inclusion initially in online dictionaries once their widespread use has been established, then in printed dictionaries. The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) currently includes new words in its online dictionary every three months.

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New words (1)

English is a rich and constantly evolving language containing many words from other languages, such as Latin, Greek, French, and German, indicating the influences of invaders and immigrants over the last 2000 years. For instance many words dating back to British rule in India have found their way into our language, such as bangle (‘glass

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