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Why proofreading should be part of your marketing strategy

You might think that proofreading is an outdated process that belongs to an era before digital content and communications, when everything was printed and proofs were intensely inspected by eagle-eyed proofreaders wielding red pens. That would be a wrong assumption as proofreading is needed now as much as ever before, perhaps even more so with

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There is no such thing as ‘only a quick proofread’

Over many years of proofreading I have heard the statement ‘it only needs a quick proofread’ from people enquiring about the cost of proofreading services, implying they expect that the proofread will take little time at all and the only things I will be likely to find will be a light sprinkling of spelling, punctuation,

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The benefits of proofreading

Why proofread? Surely that is a waste of time and, if you commission someone to proofread it for you, a waste of money as well. Many people might be tempted to omit the proofreading stage before releasing their document or publication, perhaps to save money, or maybe to save time, but is that a wise

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