Proofreading myths exposed

There are some myths about proofreading that are untrue and need exposing and refuting. Myth: Proofreading is the same as editing, right? Truth: No, they are two distinct roles. Editors review a piece of writing when it is at the draft stage, with the intention of improving the flow and readability. An editor may even … Continue reading Proofreading myths exposed

Points to watch for when revising text

It is always good practice to revise and if necessary completely rewrite text in documents to ensure that they are accurate, concise, and the best they can be. Straightforward you might think and you might say “What could possibly go wrong?” Quite a lot actually. But in the process of review there are some hidden traps an author can fall into when using Find and Replace, or inserting or deleting text that can affect pagination.

Why proofreading should be part of your marketing strategy

You might think that proofreading is an outdated process that belongs to an era before digital content and communications, when everything was printed and proofs were intensely inspected by eagle-eyed proofreaders wielding red pens. That would be a wrong assumption as proofreading is needed now as much as ever before, perhaps even more so with … Continue reading Why proofreading should be part of your marketing strategy

Pitfalls in writing

When writing, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, there are numerous pitfalls to avoid and what follows is just a selection of the most commonly encountered ones. Clichés Some authors tend to overuse clichés, although sometimes it is hard to avoid doing so, as in the following phrases: caught like a rabbit in headlights comfortable … Continue reading Pitfalls in writing

There is no such thing as ‘only a quick proofread’

Over many years of proofreading I have heard the statement ‘it only needs a quick proofread’ from people enquiring about the cost of proofreading services, implying they expect that the proofread will take little time at all and the only things I will be likely to find will be a light sprinkling of spelling, punctuation, … Continue reading There is no such thing as ‘only a quick proofread’

Free proofreading samples – are they fair?

Occasionally I have been asked if I would provide a free sample of my proofreading – in one case a whole academic paper – with the suggestion that this could be the prelude to a series of papers if the client liked my work. In those circumstances I would not agree to such a request … Continue reading Free proofreading samples – are they fair?

Levels of proofreading

You might be forgiven for thinking that proofreading is proofreading – there are no variances in style or intensity. The proofreader would read through for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and other errors and inconsistencies and that is it. Well not quite – it depends on the authorship, readership,  and context, and where the writing will appear. … Continue reading Levels of proofreading