House style – Part 2

In part 1 I considered why a house style is necessary for a business – for reasons of consistency, brand identity, and economy. Here I will cover a few areas that should be considered based on UK English usage Writing a house style • Abbreviations, acronyms, and contractions: A common style for abbreviations is capital … Continue reading House style – Part 2

Free proofreading samples – are they fair?

Occasionally I have been asked if I would provide a free sample of my proofreading – in one case a whole academic paper – with the suggestion that this could be the prelude to a series of papers if the client liked my work. In those circumstances I would not agree to such a request … Continue reading Free proofreading samples – are they fair?

Preparing for proofreading

Following on from the benefits of proofreading there are several steps an author can take before submitting a document for proofreading to make the task faster and cheaper