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Why proofreading should be part of your marketing strategy

You might think that proofreading is an outdated process that belongs to an era before digital content and communications, when everything was printed and proofs were intensely inspected by eagle-eyed proofreaders wielding red pens. That would be a wrong assumption as proofreading is needed now as much as ever before, perhaps even more so with

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How to promote your freelance business

You have set up your business – in my case as a freelance proofreader – and need to attract new clients. Maybe you need to attract new clients to an established business that has suffered a drop in trade recently. It is no use just sitting around waiting and expecting the telephone and e-mail enquiries

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Who’s proofreading your digital content?

More and more, businesses are eschewing print for digital marketing, via websites, blogs, social media and email campaigns. It’s cheaper, easier to get to the customers or potential customers you need to talk to, and it gives a great impression of your business. Or does it?

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