Testimonials from publishers and businesses

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Testimonials from publishers and businesses

Stockton Rambling Club

Website text condensing

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“Thank you for completing this work for me.  I am really pleased with the final outcome and can’t wait to add it to the website.  There is nothing I am unhappy with or would like to change. I will no doubt need to use your services again in the future as I continue to build the website.”

(Christine Nicholds, Website Editor, Stockton Rambling Club)

Henry Stewart Publications

Professional journals:


“We have used Stephen York Editorial Services for proofreading since 2010 and have always found that he offers a prompt and accurate service. He is adaptable, and over the years has had no trouble in adjusting his method to various workflow changes. He is also excellent at communication, always keeping me updated on the rare occasion that he cannot fulfil a requested turnaround time. I highly recommend his proofreading service.”

(Robert Tamplin, Production Editor, Henry Stewart Publications)

National Children’s Bureau


Reports and books

“Stephen’s reports have always been concise and clear while still being thorough, and his service is always fast, efficient and professional. For large commercial books and smaller projects, Stephen has always been my first port of call for proofreading work at NCB.”

(Daniel Kelly, Content Editor, NCB)

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John Harris, Spark Advertising & Design

“Having used Stephen several times for fairly substantial proofreading projects, I have found his attention to detail staggering. He’s also professional, quick and very reasonable priced.”

Feedback from publishers and businesses

The following feedback has been received from clients on completion of a project.

“I am pleased that your proofreader picked this up. Thank you to him. It would have been a disaster if it had been missed when it went to print.” 

(Comment by client of Panther Interactive Marketing)

“Many thanks for sending the heavily edited index file. I will check and get back to you shortly. I appreciate your work on this title wholeheartedly and looking forward to work with you again on another interesting title.”

(Project Manager for large academic publisher)

“Thanks a lot for your thorough and clear comments. I have had a look through them and resolved the editorial queries. I have passed your author queries on, too.It was a pleasure working with you and I hope to do so again in the future.”

(Editorial Assistant for large educational publisher relating to accounting textbook for students)

“The author for this title is very demanding. Stephen has done a great job coordinating with her and delivering the collated files ahead of the schedule. Job well done!”

(Project Manager for large academic publisher)

“Thank you for proofreading this title. The proofread corrections were fine. All the instructions were carried out on the proofs. Global changes were marked well. The content was well read, as a result, some problems related to formatting and language were resolved during proofreading. Thanks a lot for spotting the errors and getting them corrected at this stage.”

(Project Manager for large academic publisher)

“I have just been going through the proofs and your report.  Thank you for all your careful work.  You make my job so much easier!”

(Project Manager for educational publisher)

“The overall proof reading was great. Thanks for the good work! Thanks for returning the project before the due date and your prompt emails.”

(Project Manager for large academic publisher)

“Stephen has done a very good job and the deliverables were posted on time. He has clearly followed all the instructions. Many thanks for the good work.”

(Project Manager for a large academic publisher)

“I have just been going through the proofs and your report. Thank you for all your careful work. You make my job so much easier!”

(Project Manager for a large academic publisher)

“Just a note to say thank very much for your help with this title. I was very pleased with the work you did, and your close attention and the queries you raised mean that the book will be in far better shape than it would otherwise have been. The author was very responsive to your queries and appreciated your finding things he had missed.”

(Desk Editor for a large academic publisher)