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5 key steps for writing perfect emails

Today life is a bit of a rush, especially on the work front and mistakes are understandable but a hazard. Failure to check your work and proofread your business emails can result in all sorts of problems, and errors in emails can make your communications appear unprofessional and careless. But there are steps that you […]


There is no such thing as ‘only a quick proofread’

Over many years of proofreading I have heard the statement ‘it only needs a quick proofread’ from people enquiring about the cost of proofreading services, implying they expect that the proofread will take little time at all and the only things I will be likely to find will be a light sprinkling of spelling, punctuation, […]

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Tips for writers: Using Find and Replace in Microsoft Word

The Find tool in Microsoft Word is a useful and powerful instrument but can cause difficulties when used in conjunction with the Replace tool without caution.

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Preparing for proofreading

Following on from the benefits of proofreading there are several steps an author can take before submitting a document for proofreading to make the task faster and cheaper

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The benefits of proofreading

The benefits of proofreading with three scenarios as reasons for proofreading