Proofreading myths exposed

There are some myths about proofreading that are untrue and need exposing and refuting. Myth: Proofreading is the same as editing, right? Truth: No, they are two distinct roles. Editors review a piece of writing when it is at the draft stage, with the intention of improving the flow and readability. An editor may even … Continue reading Proofreading myths exposed

Legalese – kicking a bad habit

What is legalese? It is a very specific language written by lawyers that is often verbose and opaque to the lay reader. Perhaps lawyers write in a long-winded manner as it takes longer to read and write – after all time is money and this is reflected in their bill to the client. Also, perpetuating … Continue reading Legalese – kicking a bad habit

Free proofreading samples – are they fair?

Occasionally I have been asked if I would provide a free sample of my proofreading – in one case a whole academic paper – with the suggestion that this could be the prelude to a series of papers if the client liked my work. In those circumstances I would not agree to such a request … Continue reading Free proofreading samples – are they fair?